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walkable urbanism

Infographic – Walkable Urbanism on the Rise

An interesting infographic on creating walkable urban spaces Turning a metro space into a more walkable urban space, though costly, can reap benefits from economic growth to an increase in development. Walkable urban spaces have a higher amount of wealth and a larger number of college graduates than less walkable areas. From an increase in money spent per week […]

10 Ways to Survive Holiday Travel According to Mapquest

MapQuest Provides Tips for Navigating the Busiest Travel Day of the Year; Offers On-demand Roadside Assistance DENVER—MapQuest, Inc., today unveiled a series of tips for surviving the busiest travel period of the year, which unequivocally falls during Thanksgiving week. Curated by MapQuest’s editorial experts, the tips cover off on air, rail and car travel tips […]

Using Lidar to Classify Landslides

Using Lidar to Classify Landslides

The Contour Connection Method: Inventorying and Classifying Landslides using Bare Earth Lidar A new algorithm for automated landslide inventorying, named the Contour Connection Method (CCM), has been developed that relies on simplified morphological features for analysis. Previous landslide mapping techniques have included field inventorying, photogrammetry, and use of bare-earth (BE) lidar Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) […]

Autodesk U

10 Reasons to Attend Autodesk University #AU2014

Autodesk U (AU) is a pretty awesome event and a “must do” at some time for any die-hard Autodesk product user. I’ve attended many over the years, however, I haven’t been for quite some time – regardless though, I still list it in my list of must do events of the year. the following are […]

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