The Mind-Body Link: How Psychic Insights Can Influence Wellness


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The intersection of mental and physical wellness is a burgeoning field of study, revealing profound connections between our psychological state and physical health. 

Amidst this interdisciplinary exploration, psychic insights emerge as a compelling avenue to foster wellness, blending intuition with an understanding of the mind-body link. This article delves into how psychic insights can influence wellness, offering a perspective that intertwines the esoteric with evidence-based wellness practices. Continue reading “The Mind-Body Link: How Psychic Insights Can Influence Wellness”

Text System, “Early Alert,” Spearheads Mental Wellness Support in High-Stress Environments

San Francisco, CA — Early Alert, a groundbreaking text system designed to mitigate suicidal ideation and bolster mental wellness in high-stress environments, is rapidly gaining traction across the nation, particularly in medical schools, law schools, and veterans organizations. Spearheaded by esteemed psychologist Eran Magen, Ph.D., Early Alert offers a lifeline to individuals in crisis by seamlessly connecting them with nearby professionals. Continue reading “Text System, “Early Alert,” Spearheads Mental Wellness Support in High-Stress Environments”

How to Shop for Quality CBD Products

If you are in the market for quality CBD, you likely want to know what it takes to land the best products. And as you guessed, money isn’t all you need when looking to buy quality CBD products. You want to be able to differentiate quality options from the worse. And if you will be shopping online without much knowledge about identifying cannabis buds and oils, you will need all the help you can get. Continue reading “How to Shop for Quality CBD Products”

Where to buy Neck and Shoulder Massager

Our everyday activities can bring about stress in our body that causes tensed and stiff muscles. The first signs of stress are perceived in our neck, shoulder, and back muscles. If you do not treat stress on time, it leads to adverse effects like headaches, migraines, inflammation, and fatigue in the whole body.  Continue reading “Where to buy Neck and Shoulder Massager”

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