Sensor Applications for a Smarter World and The Internet of Things = Opportunity

Sensors… indeed we are all sensors these days, all walking about the World, constantly connected, constantly gathering data and streaming. Interesting to read that reports show that there are now an estimated 50 billion devices that will be connected to the Internet by 2012… wow! Sensor network provider, Libelium, has churned out an interesting report on the state of sensors, enter 50 sensor apps for a smarter World, an awesome look at how industries are connected and gathering, analyzing data in many ways. Some of the interesting ways in which sensors are being used that you may not even be aware of:  smart parking, waste management, fire and hazard detection, flooding, radiation levels and more. Don’t these areas all sound like application areas with tremendous opportunity for the GIS / Geo tech community?

From the report… The list is grouped in 12 different verticals, showing how the Internet of Things is becoming the next technological revolution. It includes the most trendy scenarios, like Smart Cities where sensors can offer us services like Smart Parking – to find free parking spots in the streets – or managing the intensity of the luminosity in street lights to save energy. Climate change, environmental protection, water quality or CO2 emissions are also addressed by sensor networks and are just some of the examples included in the Smart Water and Smart Environment sections included in the document. Other sections such as Industrial Control, Logistics or Retail cover applications more focused in process efficiency like providing information for restocking the shelves and even product placement for marketing purposes. The list is completed with applications in the verticals of Smart Metering, Security and Emergencies, Smart Agriculture, Animal Farming, Domotic and Home Automation and eHealth

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