How to Stop People from Randomly Calling You

Scam calls are becoming a global epidemic. Every year, they break their own records. It’s not an exaggeration to say scammers are taking privacy invasion to extremes. In part, this is owed to lack of knowledge and information about the tools we have at our disposal to help us. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to avoid giving out your name, date of birth, and Social Security number to a random caller, regardless of whether the call is live. In addition, it also wouldn’t hurt to know how to look up a phone number on Google or a background check service.  Continue reading “How to Stop People from Randomly Calling You”

5 tips for successful implementation of smartphone surveillance at work

Today, smartphones are a basic necessity upon which both our personal and work lives depend. All of us use our mobile devices to not just receive phone calls or text messages but surf the internet, get emails and connect with the world in general. It’s not wrong to say that many people store a ton of private/company data on their smart devices without ever considering the risks of leaking them unintentionally or otherwise. Continue reading “5 tips for successful implementation of smartphone surveillance at work”

Protect Yourself at Home with these 5 Privacy-Focused Tools

The pandemic COVID 19 is changing the daily routines of millions of people throughout the world, including the way they work. Many companies are telling their employees or giving them the option to work from home. The coronavirus situation and lockdown in most parts of the world have forced a large number of people not just remote work but full time working from home. Continue reading “Protect Yourself at Home with these 5 Privacy-Focused Tools”

Unlocking your Location Data History on Social Media

I’m a huge social sharing fan, many of my non Geogeeky friends think I share way too much but that’s OK. I’m pretty careful about what I share, when I share it and where I share it. I also don’t share anything that I wouldn’t want anyone at all to see. But how much am I really sharing? In particular, what kind of location data am I putting out there? And even better, how can I view my location history? Continue reading “Unlocking your Location Data History on Social Media”

Video Tip – TEDxFortMcMurray, Mapping the Now

An interesting TedX presentation from Echosec Systems CEO, Karl Swannie delivered at TEDxFortMcMurray. Karl looks at the now and future of Geo technology, sensors, visualization, social media, and the exciting World of real time data intelligence.

Continue reading “Video Tip – TEDxFortMcMurray, Mapping the Now”

Social Media Guide For Parents (2014 Edition)

A valuable resource for parents was released today and it’s pretty darned nice – and useful! The social media guide for parents has been developed by the Liahona Academy (be sure to check out their website and the other valuable resources they provide) and is delivered as a free web-based resource and a comprehensive infographic – jam-packed with useful tips!

social media guide for parents

Some useful things pointed out in the guide include details of facebook’s new policy that enables kids to post publicly, and other tips and tricks regarding ways to safeguard user privacy.The guide also describes all the public social sites that are popular with teens and explains what they are and how they are used and they also suggest several social media monitoring tools.

Continue reading “Social Media Guide For Parents (2014 Edition)”

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