Safeguarding Your Rights: Hiring an Immigration Lawyer in New York for Permanent Residence

New York stands as a beacon of cultural diversity and opportunity, attracting immigrants from around the globe. However, the path to permanent residence in this vibrant state can be complex and challenging. From navigating bureaucratic hurdles to understanding legal intricacies, individuals seeking permanent residence in New York often need expert guidance. In such cases, hiring an Immigration lawyer in New York becomes not just beneficial but crucial. Continue reading “Safeguarding Your Rights: Hiring an Immigration Lawyer in New York for Permanent Residence”

Everything You Should Know About the New Wi-Fi Standard Wi-Fi 7

Since 2020, most devices have been using Wi-Fi 6 or 6E to summon the internet to your fingertips. That’s set to change now that Wi-Fi 7 will launch later this year. The IEEE 802.11be standard promises even faster speeds, a drastic reduction in latency, and trendy upgrades like MLO and MIMO protocols.

Source: Unsplash Continue reading “Everything You Should Know About the New Wi-Fi Standard Wi-Fi 7”

Leica Geosystems launches two new DISTO™ laser distance meters with gesture-triggered readings 

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has introduced two new top-of-the-line handheld laser distance meters: the Leica DISTO™ D5 and DISTO™ X6. Powered by the latest measuring technology, the new DISTO™ models boast faster and more accurate measurements, gesture-triggered distance readings, and superior outdoor performance, as well as greater durability and extended battery life. The upgrades and new features optimise workflows for architectural engineers, tradespeople and contractors through improved efficiency and ease-of-use. Continue reading “Leica Geosystems launches two new DISTO™ laser distance meters with gesture-triggered readings “

MEXC Study Reveals: Crypto Users in 2024 Are Very Interested in New Token Airdrops

Singapore , March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MEXC, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has unveiled findings from a recent study. Recently, there was a significant surge in interest among crypto traders for new token airdrops this year. The study, published on the MEXC Blog, sheds light on the growing enthusiasm surrounding the MX token and its associated airdrops. Continue reading “MEXC Study Reveals: Crypto Users in 2024 Are Very Interested in New Token Airdrops”

Should Buy A New Or Used Car: Things To Remember 

Weigh both sides when you plan a car-buying budget. The new cars may come with the latest safety features and have been upgraded. New cars come with higher prices and insurance costs. Used cars are cheaper because the high depreciation of the early years is behind them, and you need as much insurance coverage. 

Deciding whether to buy these brand-new or used cars comes down to many factors and very personal decisions based on individual needs and finances. Some essential factors a buyer must consider including: Continue reading “Should Buy A New Or Used Car: Things To Remember “

Nokia utilizes Intel technology to drive greater 5G network energy savings through software innovations and new chips #MWC24


  • Nokia in collaboration with Intel has achieved approximately 40% runtime energy savings using Nokia’s cloud-native 5G Core and Intel’s Xeon processors and power management software.
  • The runtime power savings are on top of any generation-to-generation energy savings provided by Intel’s Xeon processors.
  • Nokia has committed to deliver 50% lower greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 across its value chain.

21 February 2024

Espoo, Finland – Nokia in collaboration with Intel today announced that they are targeting greater energy efficiency improvements in 5G networks by using Xeon processors and power management software from Intel that will power Nokia’s cloud-native 5G Core solutions. The two companies’ advances, building on years of innovation, will give communication service providers (CSPs) more leverage in reducing electricity usage and costs in their networks.

In testing demonstrations, Nokia achieved approximately 40% runtime power savings using Nokia’s cloud-native 5G Core, integrated with Intel Infrastructure Power Manager (IPM) software and 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors*, while maintaining key network performance metrics.

Such energy savings are achieved through the careful integration of Nokia’s Core with Intel’s power modulation capabilities, which result in the energy consumption of the chips being proportional to the amount of traffic on the network – which varies considerably during any 24-hour period. Nokia intends to deliver these energy savings capabilities to the market as early as the second half of 2024, starting with Nokia’s Cloud Packet Core. Nokia and Intel will demonstrate these capabilities at MWC Barcelona at Intel’s booth 3E31.

The announcement underscores Nokia’s ongoing broader efforts to help CSPs and other network-dependent industries reduce their environmental footprint, become more resource efficient, and drive increased value from their networks. Nokia has set its key greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target through the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative, which is aligned with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Nokia was the first telecoms equipment vendor to have a science-based target accepted by the SBT initiative in 2017.

Marcelo Madruga, Head of Technology and Platforms, Products & Engineering, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, said: “I am very pleased with the brilliant work that Nokia and Intel are doing to deliver very meaningful reductions in the energy footprint of 5G networks. Network data and computation usage only continues to grow, with the clear implication that has for continued energy demand growth. What we are doing today demonstrates not only superior software and technology but delivering on our broader commitments to cut carbon emissions across value chains.”

Alex Quach, Vice President & GM, Wireline and Core Network Division at Intel, said: “This is another solid proof point in the long-standing Intel-Nokia collaboration that highlights the strength of our teams in empowering CSPs with innovative solutions. Integrating the Intel Infrastructure Power Manager into Nokia’s widely deployed packet core software will help deliver the power savings CSPs require and strengthens network operations through intelligent resource allocation.”

Stéphane Demartis, VP Telco Cloud Infrastructure at Orange, said“We are delighted to start a collaboration with Nokia and Intel to optimize our power consumption. This will provide a major step forward in delivering energy efficient solutions in the core network infrastructure. Orange is looking forward to working with Nokia and Intel to explore implementation of these innovations for a sustainable 5G Core network through the #Sylva project.”


Arc’teryx and Durston have joined forces with ALUULA Composites

Leading Canadian outdoor labels Arc’teryx and Durston have joined forces with another Canadian-based company, ALUULA Composites, to introduce a new era of performance-driven, lightweight, and recyclable outdoor gear. Continue reading “Arc’teryx and Durston have joined forces with ALUULA Composites”

Embarking on a New Chapter: The Journey of Tudor House Immigration Services 

Introduction Hello and welcome, Tudor House Immigration Services, a registered Canadian immigration consultant. Our offices for my immigration business, Tudor House Immigration Services, is located at Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton, and We have affiliate offices around the world. We have always offered the highest level of professional service in an ethical environment in the context of the requirements of our Canadian regulator. Continue reading “Embarking on a New Chapter: The Journey of Tudor House Immigration Services “

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