Mapplet 7.1, Field Mapplet 7.1 and MapLibrary are now compatible with ArcGIS 10.2.1

Spatial Wave’s New Releases, Mapplet 7.1, Field Mapplet 7.1 and MapLibrary are now compatible with ArcGIS 10.2.1

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CartoDB Enterprise: next-generation GIS cloud solution for groups

The best GIS cloud tool now ready to be used by groups in the enterprise – CartoDB Enterprise enables geo-collaboration for groups. Share datasets, collaborate on visualizations, grant access to specific people on your organization, or the world Continue reading “CartoDB Enterprise: next-generation GIS cloud solution for groups”

3DRV: Driven by Design Road Tour Takes Nationwide Pulse on 3D Technologies

SAN FRANCISCO– After two months on the road, the 3DRV: Driven by Design road tour has begun to uncover the variety of ways that companies and individuals are using 3D design, reality capture, and fabrication technologies to shape the world around them.

TJ McCue, host of the 3DRV tour and author, is also raising awareness about 3D and educating the public on how to take advantage of these technologies, many of which are free or available at a very low cost.

“From consumers to business owners, people find 3D (scanning, printing, design) fascinating, and sometimes perplexing. When we start to talk about it, they are always curious, engaged, and most are genuinely interested to learn more,” said McCue.

The 3DRV road tour—which kicked off on May 16th, 2014, and is sponsored by Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), HP, NVIDIA, Stratasys, FARO and Jayco—will make more than 100 scheduled stops across the United States over the course of eight months. A sampling of stops from the first leg of the journey reveals the diverse use of 3D technologies throughout the country such as Maker Faire, building a lunar lander and 3D printing in space, modeling for clean air in operating rooms; personal manufacturing with Monkey Likes Shiny and laser scanning a Starbucks;free 3D design apps and 3D printing used by artists, and 3D design and simulation to improve bridges and roads.

”There’s innovation happening in all corners of the country that can shed light on where the future of making things is headed,” said Amar Hanspal, senior vice president at Autodesk. “This tour is right in line with our aim to help everyone design and make anything they can imagine.”

In 69 days, McCue has racked up 4,627 miles, 32 stops, 207 cups of coffee and 33 blog posts. “There is a strong pulse out there, for sure. A pulse that quickens when someone senses that we’re on the cusp of a real revolution in making and that it is open to them. From government agencies to business owners, people find 3D in all its forms—scanning, printing, design—a fascinating area to embrace,” added McCue. “After six weeks on the road, it’s clear that ‘manufacturing’ is no longer limited to factories or traditional industrial settings. Today’s affordable and accessible technology enables anyone to be his or her own designer and manufacturer.”

For a condensed summary, check out TJ McCue’s observations from the road in Lessons From The Roadtrip: Update One

Follow along at and #3DRV, and see ongoing posts from the road here.

About Autodesk

Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone–from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges. For more information visit or follow @autodesk.

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Bringing the power of Maps Coordinate to Google Maps Engine Pro

This comes via the Google Maps team…

Last fall, we launched Maps Engine Pro to give businesses and individual users an easy-to-use tool for collaborative map creation. Using Maps Engine Pro, you can create rich, multi-layered maps, share information with stakeholders and make decisions more collaboratively.

Starting today, all Maps Engine Pro users will also have access to Google Maps Coordinate, a mobile and web app that lets teams assign jobs and share their locations with each other in real-time. The new offering combines dynamic data visualization with location-based communication using Google Maps.

With the same $5 per user per month subscription to Maps Engine Pro, organizations will have access to this powerful suite of productivity tools. For example, a building management firm can organize the buildings they maintain on a map and when a maintenance call comes in, assign the nearest worker to the job.

In addition to making Maps Coordinate available to Pro users, we’re also opening the Coordinate app to anyone with a Google account — previously it was only available to Google Apps customers. This means more teams can use Maps Coordinate to share their locations and get jobs done.

With enhancements to the Maps Engine Pro offering and improvements to Maps Coordinate, businesses can do work with even more powerful, affordable and accessible Google Maps for Business tools. Starting today, new users can purchase Maps Engine Pro with Coordinate and existing Pro and Coordinate customers can begin using the combined app suite.

Terrago Brings Mobile Note Sharing and Collaboration to the Edge of the Enterprise

– TerraGo Edge makes it easy to create custom mobile apps for collecting and sharing field data across teams and the entire enterprise. Continue reading “Terrago Brings Mobile Note Sharing and Collaboration to the Edge of the Enterprise”

The Geographic Calculator 2014, SP1 Now Available with New Jobs to Streamline Workflow

Hallowell, Maine – July 22, 2014 – Blue Marble Geographics ( is pleased to announce the release of the Geographic Calculator 2014 Service Pack 1 (SP1). This interim release features new job functions including the Area Calculation Tool and the Line Intersection Tool, as well as improved text rendering on Land Survey Summary jobs. Blue Marble’s geospatial data manipulation, visualization and conversion solutions are used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software, oil and gas, mining, civil engineering, surveying, and technology companies, as well as governmental and university organizations.

The Geographic Calculator is “The Global Coordinate Transformation tool” and is available in 32 or 64 bit versions. This highly accurate transformation software includes tools such as Canadian DLS (Dominion Land Survey) Land Grid tools, Seismic Survey Conversion tools, Area of Use tools for guiding users, and much more. The Geographic Calculator supports a wide range of file formats with support from the largest geodetic parameter database available anywhere.

Version 2014 SP1 features a newly created job function for the Area Calculation Tool. Formerly found on the Window menu as a popup tool, Area Calculation can now be executed directly as a full job and saved in workspaces. The Area Calculation Tool allows users to calculate area based on arbitrary boundary definitions. Users enter any number of coordinate points to describe a polygon, and can adjust the methods used for defining segments between the points. Additionally a new option has been added to load coordinates using XLS data sheets, as well as other existing file formats. The points may be defined in either Geodetic or Projected coordinates, and the calculation can be exported out to a number of vector file formats.  

This release also features a newly created job function for the Line Intersection Tool. This tool is used to determine the point of intersection between two lines. The points may be defined in either Geodetic or Projected coordinates. The Line Intersection Tool can now be executed directly as a full job. These tools enable users to streamline their workflow and share jobs, projects, and workspaces with other users in different locations.

Additionally, version 2014 SP1 features enhancements to Land Survey Summary Jobs. This job enables users needing to work with surveying data within the borders of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Loaded datasets of Dominion Land Survey coordinates can then be processed generating a complement of geodesic and projected information about each point in the list. A summary of the results will then be available for preview and printing. The Land Survey Summary job functionality has had many improvements since its creation. This release includes improved text rendering for a preview of the job results. Other changes made with this release include an improved installation process for Windows 8.1 machines, as well as the official introduction of Windows 8.1 support, and many other improvements.

For a complete list of new features and enhancements or to download the Geographic Calculator today, visit

About Blue Marble Geographics: Blue Marble Geographics of Hallowell, Maine is a leading developer and provider of software products and services for highly accurate geospatial data conversion solutions. Blue Marble is known for their coordinate conversion and file format expertise and is the developer of The Geographic Calculator, GeoCalc SDK, Global Mapper, LiDAR Module for Global Mapper, Global Energy Mapper, and Global Mapper SDK. The company has been writing GIS software tools and solutions for over twenty years and currently serves hundreds of thousands of users worldwide

Golden Software Releases Grapher 11 with New Graph Types

GOLDEN, COLORADO, 22 July, 2014Golden Software, Inc. , the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Grapher 11, an accurate and efficient 2D and 3D graphing program that meets every graphing need, from simple to complex.

Introduced in 1986, Grapher is a leading competitor in graphing software. Designed primarily for scientists, engineers, and business professionals, Grapher converts data into more than sixty fully customizable graph types. Grapher continues to be known for its easy-to-use interface and for creating professional publication-quality graphs quickly and easily.

The most popular new features in Grapher 11 are the three new graph types: polar vector plots, ternary class scatter plots, and 2D and 3D doughnut plots. Polar vector plots connect two points on a polar coordinate system with an arrow. The ternary class scatter plot creates a three system ternary diagram with symbols where the symbols change based on a fourth variable. The 2D and 3D doughnut plots create graphs similar to a pie chart, but with a hole in the center. In addition, 2D doughnut plots can be stacked to compare variables as they change.

One of the most exciting new features is the axis linking features. This highly requested feature allows axes to be linked so that changes only need to be made to one axis. All linked axes automatically update when the master controlling axis changes. Linking works for axis length, scale, limits, tick mark spacing, and position. In addition, the limits can be set to a mathematical equation, allowing axes with different units to be linked.


Another feature that was greatly improved on is the class scatter plots. Classes can now be based on text or numbers, allowing easier class scatter plots to be created from any data. In addition, the number of classes has increased to 300 for better representation of all data.


Comments from Grapher customers and beta-testers after reviewing Grapher 11:

  • Grapher has the best scientific graphics a software can offer. – Pablo Del Monte Luna
  • Grapher is a fabulous tool for creating presentation-quality graphs. It is almost infinitely flexible and is not constrained by some of the limitations that hamper my use of other graphing programs. – Dave Suder, Principal Scientist, Precise Environmental Consultants
  •  I recommend Grapher to everyone! Single best software buy in the world! – Eric Schaefer, Investment Professional
  •  I have used GRAPHER since 1986 and it is still the best, least restrictive, graphing program available. Those who don’t use it don’t know what they’re missing! — Dave Quirt, Geoscientist, Canada


Grapher 11 operates in a Microsoft® Windows environment with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. Grapher 11 is now available for a retail price of $489, with quantity discounts available. Upgrades from any previous version of Grapher are available for only $169. Grapher 11 includes free updates and free technical support.


Visit to download a Grapher 11 demo and place an order. Contact Grapher technical support directly at GrapherSupport@GoldenSoftware. com.

About Golden Software:

Golden Software has been located in Golden, Colorado since its founding in March 1983. Today, Golden Software has grown to be the leading provider of scientific graphics software in the world. Customers include researchers in mining, engineering, and medicine, as well as thousands of applied scientists and engineers. Over 250,000 software licenses have been sold to date and are in use in 185 countries and on all seven continents. For additional information, visit or call 303-279-1021


CompassCom Empowers Real-Time Tracking of the Mobile Workforce in ArcGIS

CompassCom Empowers Real-Time Tracking of the Mobile Workforce in ArcGIS with the No-Cost Connector to Esri GeoEvent Processor – Vehicles, Equipment, Smart Devices Tracked via Any Wireless Network Continue reading “CompassCom Empowers Real-Time Tracking of the Mobile Workforce in ArcGIS”

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