How to Use Display Advertising in 2024


The digital era has brought many changes in the way people function on a daily basis. In fact, being online and constantly connected has become the norm for many. These days, people are relying on the Internet for everything from communication to shopping to work and entertainment. For marketers, this has further highlighted the importance of investing in high-quality online advertisements that will grab users’ attention, drive traffic, and boost conversions. One particular marketing aspect that’s becoming more popular among marketers is display advertising. 

This type of paid advertising relies on the use of advertisements that combine visuals, text, and a specific call-to-action (CTA). As with all marketing aspects, this one has changed quite a bit over the last few decades, and with trends changing from year to year, it’s important to stay on top of them in order to reap maximum benefits. Below, four quick tips on how to use display advertising in 2024. 

Craft an offer that’s attractive and a CTA that’s compelling

The number of people who’ll feel compelled to click on your ad will largely depend on the ad’s attractiveness. When they do, you want to make sure that your offer is an attractive one as well. Depending on what your business is about, you can offer a free, limited-time trial, or a holiday sale. 

Along with an attractive offer, you’ll need to create a strong, compelling call-to-action. This isn’t always an easy feat, which is why many companies are making use of high-quality display advertising services to ensure professional-looking, persuasive ads. With experienced call-to-action creatives and marketing experts on your side, you can rest assured you’ll get an effective display ad campaign. They’ll also help optimize your marketing costs and make sure your ads reach your intended audience, thus boosting your ROI. 

Understand the importance of mobile advertising 

Aside from making your ads compelling and attractive, you need to make sure that you’re promoting your products or services in the most effective way possible. And what better way to make sure your ads are displayed at any time and any place than to invest in mobile advertising? 

Once considered a great addition to an overall digital marketing strategy, mobile advertising has now evolved into a must-have. This has encouraged advertisers to focus more on providing a mobile-first experience. By relying on data such as interests, location, and browsing habits of their users, marketers nowadays are able to come up with ads that will reach their target audience, appeal to their preferences, and encourage mobile user engagement. This, in turn, goes a long way in boosting ad effectiveness as well as enhancing mobile ad experience for users. 

Make video and interactive ads a part of your digital marketing strategy 

If you’re still not using video or interactive ads, consider the following – 84% of users feel compelled to make a purchase after watching a video advertisement of a particular brand. Moreover, 88% of marketers perceive interactive content as a valuable tool for setting their brands apart. From high-end graphics such as 3D to HTML5 ads and compelling storytelling and visuals, 2024 display advertising will be all about brands connecting with their customers through powerful, attention-grabbing marketing. 

By building an immersive experience for their users, brands are able to maximize engagement with prospective clients, encouraging them to act instead of remaining passive. They are also more likely to leave a lasting impression on potential customers and boost brand awareness. As technology continues to evolve, marketers will get the chance to experiment with new and exciting display marketing options while adapting to the new changes that take place. 

Use several marketing strategies alongside display advertising 

Display advertising is a powerful tool that can help you reach your target audience and drive website traffic. However, it’s even more effective when combined with other online marketing strategies. For this reason, many marketers often decide to employ display advertising as an additional marketing tool alongside their pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing campaigns as well as continuous search engine optimization (SEO). 

In doing so, businesses are able to reach a much wider audience that they would’ve otherwise missed out on. Therefore, focus on the advertising strategies that work for your particular business, use them in tandem, and you can rest assured you’ll be reaping benefits from multiple marketing channels simultaneously.  

Display advertising as a valuable tool for maximizing marketing investments

As a business, coming up with must-click display advertisements is a great way to boost traffic and drive sales in 2024. Depending on your expertise, there are many different display advertising trends and tactics you can apply to your digital marketing strategy and boost your advertising efforts. The best part? With a little know-how, anyone can apply the basics of this marketing method and use it for their benefit, thus ensuring growth and success of their business. 




Author: GISuser

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