Best Roof Rack Storage Boxes for Your Adventure 

The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the road ahead filled with possibilities. When wanderlust strikes, you want to be ready to answer the call – not realizing halfway to the campsite that you left the tent behind. That’s where roof rack storage boxes come in handy. Roof rack boxes let you pack all your adventure necessities securely, freeing up interior cargo space to bring extra gear or friends. 

These rugged, spacious containers securely attach to your vehicle’s roof rack, providing ample room to pack everything you need for camping, road trips, and other adventures without sacrificing interior cargo space. 

This article will explore some of the best roof rack storage box options and their key features so you can decide which version fits your next adventure.

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  1. Wolf Pack Pro 

The medium-sized, stackable Wolf Pack Pro boxes are one of the most popular roof rack storage options for overland vehicles and adventure road trips. These durable plastic containers feature an ingenious nesting design, allowing them to stack tightly atop one another for space-efficient storage. 

The construction stands up to exterior use with 100% weatherproof sealing to remove dust and moisture from rigid, impact-resistant plastic. So you can rest assured your gear stays clean and dry inside this rugged roof rack cargo box. 

Easy-open latches on both sides of this roof rack storage box provide access from either side of the vehicle once mounted on the crossbars. Integrated tie-down points inside anchor camping gear, hobby equipment, or household items securely en route. 

Weighing under 30 pounds, the Standard Wolf Pack Pro still fits up to 17.4 gallons. The slim profile hugs the roof to minimize wind drag. Optional accessories like dividers, drawer systems, and mounting brackets add even more utility. 

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  1. Cub Pack 

The innovative Cub Pack roof rack storage box packs the same durable and weatherproof construction as the Wolf Pack Pro into a tidier rectangular form crafted explicitly for smaller vehicle roof racks. Measuring 54 x 16 x 15 inches, the Cub Pack balances compact exterior storage and spacious cargo capacity. 

Despite its conveniently condensed dimensions, the Cub Pack roof box can still accommodate essential adventure gear for road trips and outdoor excursions. The sleek, stackable design seamlessly pairs with smaller roof rack profiles while providing over 20 gallons of securely enclosed, weather-resistant space. Structural tie-downs, dual-side opening latches, and built-in carrying handles ensure versatile accessibility and cargo protection. 

Weighing just over 20 pounds, the Cub Pack is easy to mount and transport as needed. So drivers with limited roof real estate can still benefit from organized roof rack storage thanks to the Cub Pack’s blend of portability and purpose-driven design catered to smaller vehicles. Add weatherproof sealing and customizable storage accessories, and the Cub Pack makes roof rack storage more convenient than ever. 

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  1. Wolf Pack Pro Hi-Lid 

When you need just a bit more headroom for bulky equipment or extra capacity on longer trips, Wolf Pack Pro Hi-Lid extensions boost usable interior height by 60mm. 

Crafted from the same rigid ABS plastic as the standard Pro line, these durable add-on lids stack securely when not in use, thanks to their nesting design. 

The Wolf Pack Pro Hi-Lid increases the internal height to 19 inches. With the Wolf Pack Pro’s 17.4-gallon capacity, you can securely carry camp kitchen setups, overflow luggage, and other chunky gear on the roof. 

The Wolf Pack Pro Hi-Lid also comes in a lower profile model for vehicles that must stay within strict factory height limits. This allows you to maximize your gear capacity without violating hide height restrictions. 

  1. Thule Motion XT Alpine

When only the best will do, the Thule Motion XT Alpine is the roof cargo box to beat. This premium rooftop carrier offers best-in-class construction, security, and storage space to protect your gear on any road trip. 

Made in Sweden from ultra-durable ABS plastic, the sleek and sporty Motion XT Alpine easily handles adventures of all kinds. The 100% weatherproof lid seals tight to keep dust, water, and snow out of your gear. The dual-side opening provides convenient access from either side of your vehicle. 

You especially appreciate the extra-wide PowerClick quick-mount system that lets you install and remove this Thule box effortlessly yet holds fast and rattle-free up to highway speeds. The dual-side opening allows you to access gear from either side of your vehicle. The integrated torque indicator clicks to let you know when the box is mounted correctly. 

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  1. Yakima SkyBox Carbonite Cargo Box

For a smart combination of value, quality construction, and ease of use, check out Yakima’s SkyBox Carbonite cargo box line. These lightweight yet durable rooftop storage boxes check all the must-have boxes while keeping costs reasonable. 

Fashioned from rigid ABS plastic and covered by Yakima’s limited lifetime warranty, the Carbonite series strikes an appealing balance of form and function. Sleek aerodynamic lines and an automotive-style matte black diamond plate finish give the box a refined, protective look that complements any vehicle style. 

Yakima’s SuperLatch security system clicks audibly once properly closed, ensuring your gear remains protected. The dual-sided opening allows convenient access from either side of the vehicle. You’re also a fan of the integrated SKS lock core that enables you to secure the Skybox to your roof rack using any SKS key for an added layer of security. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you favor rectangular low-profile carriers or arched containers with maximum headroom, reputable brands offer the perfect roster. So, equip your ride with a roof rack box designed to tackle cargo challenges, big and small. Then load up and hit the road ready to take on any epic journey with your specialized gear safe and accessible above. The destination ahead holds promise; neatly organize and protect what gets you there.

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