Interactive PDF Techniques You Can Use Today

PDFs are famous for being clunky and having an outdated appearance. It takes forever to scroll down, they lack good design, and you have to strain your eyes to read the minor characters on your smartphone’s tiny screen. They are often handled (or mistreated) as raw pre-print files. With a PDF Editor like the one offered by Smallpdf, you can transform your PDFs into professional-looking documents that are easy to read and share.

However, there is a method to transform your PDF document into a compelling online experience that will turn readers into devoted supporters of your writing. How? By making the PDF interactive. So let’s talk about an Interactive PDF and some ideas and methods for making one.


  1. Videos

Video is probably the most popular type of content around the web. And since consumers watch 16 hours of internet video each week (up 52% from two years ago), this tendency will continue to increase. 

When it comes to including interaction, video is the preferred option. So how can you utilize videos to make your PDFs more interactive? 


Social videos

These videos include your employees and clients discussing their experiences with your business. This kind of video significantly increases your reputation and builds trust. 

Additionally, they don’t require elaborate animations, several script updates, or expensive setups to create. You only need a camera, excellent lighting, and a cooperative coworker to get started.


  1. Pop-up images

You may quickly stand out from the crowd by integrating relevant visuals into your content with no effort. They may be used to expand the number of product photographs you include in your PDF or to build total image galleries.



GIFs might seem like they’re only used for entertainment, but they’re a quick and easy method to give your PDF some life and give it a more polished appearance.


  1. Lead capture forms

A lead capture form is often put on a webpage that controls access to downloaded information, like your PDF. Even though it’s a simple and effective strategy for getting visitors to join, some individuals will become discouraged if they have difficulty getting to the material.

A customized lead capture form may be included directly into your PDFescape Online PDF Editor by using digital publishing tools. 

For instance, you might include a lead capture form a few pages into the PDF to offer users a sample of your material. When it comes time for them to join up, they will be more inclined to do so because this preview will pique their interest in reading.

Additionally, you don’t have to fear that people will download the PDF and share it online, avoiding your sign-up page when you distribute it via email and social media.


  1. Page flip effect

The simplest method to liven up your static PDF is to make it into a realistic flipbook if you don’t already have any rich media material, like films or GIFs, on hand. 

This method transforms your PDF into an HTML5 publication with a good style, a realistic page flip effect, and some branding. You’ll notice a clean, polished appearance in your PDF file. 

The reading experience will be excellent even on smaller mobile devices, which is even more significant. Most of the time, having easy access and comfort reading the text.


Author: GISuser

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