How mobile technology has transformed the online casino industry

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Mobile technology has evolved dramatically since its conception. From bulky devices used only for phone calls and text messages to the smartphones of today. People can now manage their finances, conduct business and even engage in leisure activities via their mobile phones. We now have access to a multitude of genres of different apps and mobile gaming has become a lucrative industry. A million miles away from the games of snake and brick breaker we were previously restricted to. The continual development of mobile technology has been beneficial to multiple industries, especially online casinos.

Previously, patrons of online casinos may have been confined to a desk in a home office. Now due to the advancement of mobile technology online casinos can be enjoyed on smartphones, at the user’s discretion whenever and wherever they wish. Those who play online casino at Paddy Power Games, for example, have the option to enjoy live casino games such as Quantum Roulette or slot games like Medusa Gems, all of which have been developed to be compatible with mobile devices. Such games have been adapted for mobile phone usage, not requiring fast streaming speeds allowing the games to be played on the go. The games are also adapted to have smartphone-friendly graphics, compatible with smaller screens.

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The smartphone market is incredibly saturated, with new models being released on a regular basis. The Independent conducted a study on the cost of mobile phones, pricing them at just 95p per day or £18 per month in the UK. The increasing affordability of mobile smartphones has made them a device that is more accessible than others such as laptops or desktop computers. With more people owning mobile phones it’s of little surprise that the online casino industry has adapted and developed its games for smartphone use. Such adaptations broaden the target demographic for online casinos. 

Mobile technology has not only expanded the customer base for online casinos, but it has also added an element of convenience for players. Forbes reported that Americans spent an average of 4.1 hours a day on mobile devices. Having a multitude of apps available at their fingertips allows users to engage with their mobiles more often than they would a laptop or desktop computer. Thus, by embracing mobile technology online casinos are able to welcome regular users who may play more frequently due to the sheer convenience.

The online casino industry is well known for embracing new technology. By adapting their games to support mobile usage and creating apps for mobile users, the online casino industry has completely transformed. Previously a hobby that could only be enjoyed at a computer now can be enjoyed when and wherever the player wishes. By implementing mobile technology, online casinos have expanded their target demographic beyond just those who own a laptop or desktop computer. It also allows for more regular gameplay. Rather than playing only during blocks of designated free time, players are now able to play whilst on the move. It is little doubt that the evolution of mobile technology has greatly benefited the online casino industry and its players. 


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