BlackSky Upgrades Customers’ Site Monitoring Experience with Enhanced Analytics and Imaging Capabilities

New features give users the ability to extract additional intelligence over sites of economic interest worldwide

Dawn-to-dusk analytics and imagery captured on April 18, 2022, over Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, Spain, showcase new aircraft type classification, one of many new features recently released as part of BlackSky’s Enhanced Site Monitoring capabilities. The combination of new analytics and imaging features with automated anomaly alerts and high-revisit imaging provides customers with deeper insights into operational fleet trends. (Photo: BlackSky)

HERNDON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlackSky (NYSE: BKSY) upgraded its site monitoring capabilities with new analytics and imaging features to meet customers’ varied needs for information gathering and intelligence across geographically diverse environments.

“And our monitoring solutions are customizable, at scale.”

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“BlackSky released new imaging and analysis upgrades that, when combined with our high-revisit satellite imaging capabilities, will make monitoring the world’s most critical locations, events and economic assets more impactful for customers,” said Amy Minnick, chief commercial officer at BlackSky.

“We are delivering quantifiable, timely and meaningful answers to our customers’ most difficult supply chain and site-specific questions and opening a new set of customer use cases and commercial applications that were not previously economically or technically feasible to address,” Minnick added. “And our monitoring solutions are customizable, at scale.”

BlackSky serves customers in the government, financial services, mapping and navigation, maritime and supply chain logistics, and commodities and natural resource sectors who monitor highly varied areas of interest, including construction sites and parking lots, airfields, agricultural fields, major shipping channels, and ship ports.

“As a BlackSky customer, we recognize the power of global monitoring,” said Jamie Conklin, vice president of product at Astraea. “Detecting changes and understanding pattern-of-life behaviors drives key business decisions for our clients in support of infrastructure planning and observation. Astraea’s monitoring services, powered by BlackSky’s high-revisit imagery, deliver answers to critical questions around commercial commodities and valuable economic indicators.”

BlackSky can now automatically detect, track and identify maritime vessels of various types and sizes and, when combined with geofencing techniques, provide real-time alerts on the movement of critical movements of ships and cargo. Corporate customers assessing their own or competitor’s manufacturing or facility performance can monitor the pace of production in the form of vehicle, aircraft or vessel traffic to and from a site of interest. Financial services and hedge fund operators monitoring the movements of commodities worldwide can get a single port, regional and even nationally aggregated, customizable reports on goods moving from one location to another.

Feature upgrades include:

API-Level Customization – Customers now have a new bring-your-own-data option where they can use APIs to seamlessly integrate their own data and customize BlackSky’s site monitoring service to their particular needs.

Object Identification – Updated aircraft and vessel-type classification features provide deeper insights into operational fleet trends. Spectra AI can also trigger automatic alerts during anomalous events, like when multiple aircraft occupy a runway or a specific vessel enters a port.

Third-Party Sensor Integration – BlackSky’s Spectra AI analytics platform can now seamlessly integrate information from the following sources:

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images and analytics for all-weather and night monitoring
  • Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) for wildfire detection and monitoring the operational status of refineries and upstream oil and gas operations

About BlackSky Technology Inc.

BlackSky is a leading provider of real-time geospatial intelligence. Leveraging its own satellite constellation and harnessing the world’s emerging sensor network, the Company monitors the activities and locations worldwide that matter most to its customers. BlackSky’s on-demand constellation of proprietary satellites, together with the sensors in its partners’ constellations, are capable of imaging targeted locations on Earth multiple times a day in a variety of conditions. The data collected from BlackSky’s satellites and other sources populates BlackSky’s proprietary data lake and platform. Cutting-edge computer techniques, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, allow BlackSky’s customers to derive unique and commercially valuable insights, providing them with a first-to-know advantage. BlackSky’s suite of real-time geospatial intelligence products can be integrated into a customer’s system or made available through BlackSky’s Spectra platform using a laptop and internet connection. The Company’s variety of pricing and utilization options enables customers to customize their first-to-know experience. For more information, visit

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