Few Hidden Features On The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which includes the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, was launched a few days ago and people are loving every features it came with, especially the new S Pen and the amazing zoom. However, there are many features that are usually unnoticed by many people using the series.

These features that seem hidden could potentially change how you view or use your newly-acquired Galaxy phone, yet the Galaxy S22 has several of them. In this article made by users of online casino Australia, we will be listing out a few of these features and how to activate them.


Avoid Screen Turn-Off When You’re Looking At It


The default screen timeout for all Android phones is 30 seconds, and if you don’t tap your screen before it reaches that time, your screen will turn off to preserve the battery. That’s great, but what if you reading something serious, and your screen keeps sleeping? There is a way to prevent this from happening on your Galaxy S22 series.

Navigating to the Settings app, go to Advanced features > Motion and Gestures, tap on Keep screen on while viewing. That should solve it and your screen will not sleep while you’re looking at it, as long as the camera can detect your face.


Enabling Automatic Power Saving Feature To Preserve Battery


The most significant fall of the Samsung S22 series is the battery that comes with it. You can easily drain your battery, especially when you’re watching videos from YouTube or any other streaming channel. This will require you to take your charger everywhere you go. However, there is a way to minimize your battery consumption, like automatically activating the phone’s power-saving feature.

To do this, navigate to Settings  Battery and device care. On the page, tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right before tapping Automation in that menu. Toggle on Adaptive power-saving and from then on, your Samsung device will enter power saving mode automatically depending on your usage.


Prevent Bixby From Opening Whenever The Side Button Is Held


With Bixby, you can perform a number of things with just your voice. You can text a friend, find photos taken at a particular time, or play an album/playlist from Spotify. Samsung used the side button on the Galaxy S22 as the trigger for Bixby, but if you’re not interested in using the voice assistant, this can prove to be annoying as it is easy to get triggered accidentally.

To change how Bixby will be opened, navigate to Settings > Advanced features > Side Key. From there, you can change what happens when you double-tap the side key or disable the feature. This way, you’ll be able to play games on https://fr.crazyvegas.com without worrying about accidentally triggering Bixby. 


Hiding An App Without Deleting


Although people use most of the apps on their Galaxy S22 series, there will be an instance where you only need to use an app once and forget about it. You can permanently delete it from your phone, but if you’ll be needing it once more in the future, you can always choose to hide the app.


To achieve this, long-press on the home screen and then tap Home Screen Settings and click on Hide Apps. This will take you to a menu listing out all the apps downloaded to your device. Tap ln the apps you wish to hide, and then the apps will not be seen on your home screen, app drawer, and settings. If you want to access the app once more, just repeat the same steps, you just have to uncheck the apps from the Hide Apps menu this time.


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