Direct Air’s Research Shows that Air Leak Detection is an Absolute Neccessity For Businesses

If air compressors are not carefully looked after, they can be prone to air leaks. This does not only increase the cost of energy, but they also make it harder for business premises to stay warm in winter and cool during summer.


A study by Direct Air has revealed that businesses are losing big time to undetected air leaks. The report also discusses why it’s important to identify leaks and how these companies can save £100m using tech tools and fixing them earlier, and you can click here to see more


Why Identifying Air Leaks is Important 


Saves Money

It’s a mystery why any industry wouldn’t want to thoroughly check their machines for air leaks regularly. You may think that one small bit of escape won’t make much difference, but you could be losing up to £600 in lost profits each year from just 3mm holes!


Reduces carbon emissions

Another way to help the environment is by reducing carbon emissions. To reduce carbon emissions and avoid damage from global warming, you must make sure there are no unnecessary air leakages within your businesses’ premises.


If this is not done then the level of gases such as CO2 will increase leading our planet into an even worse state than before which may result in severe consequences especially if we can’t find a way out soon enough.


Improves efficiency

Reduce downtime by ensuring that your tools and equipment are always in top working order with the latest updates, so you can minimise costs associated with repairs or replacements when something goes wrong! 


You should also make sure there aren’t any air leaks which would increase an employee’s chances for error- this means replacing filters if needed to avoid excess dirt getting into places it shouldn’t be going such as ventilation systems where bacteria could thrive.


Stopping Air Leaks From Happening

In today’s world, it is no easy task to keep your company running smoothly without any leaks. A leaky machine can be the difference between profitability and bankruptcy for many businesses. 


With preventative maintenance checks as well as employee training on how best to detect potential problems before they become serious issues – you’ll find that these measures go beyond just ensuring maximum efficiency of their machines: They also help save money!

Replacing the Components

To ensure optimal efficiency and performance from any appliance or machine, it is essential to keep them at peak condition by replacing worn out parts as soon as possible so they can perform optimally for their intended use!

Inspecting the Rubber

Rubber elements in o-rings and valves can wear down, leading to leaks! Make sure you check these regularly for signs that they need replacing sooner rather than later because if not then there could be more serious problems with your plumbing system like leakage or flooding at your business premise.


Expired rubber may also cause this problem so make sure never to use up what’s left before an expiration date has passed on all of its uses.


Tightening all your connections

It’s important to periodically check and tighten all your connections for clean, tight airflow. Loose connections can lose a lot of air that way – you should see if anything needs tighter because it could save time in both preventative maintenance as well as emergency services!

The best Ways to Track down Air Leaks


Locate leaks through Hissing and Rasping

You can listen for leaks by running an air compressor without tools or equipment. It is advisable to do this outside of working hours so there is no noise interference, and this will allow you to carefully listen for any hissing or rasping. Also, don’t forget to check the joints, flanges and valves. 


There’s an easy way to find leaks: mix water and soap in a bowl, then work it into a lather with your sponge or paintbrush. Use this on all of the plumbing fixtures – not forgetting joints! If there are any air bubbles as well, those indicate where you may be able to detect more serious problems like cracks from lacklustre seals between parts which can lead to flooding if left unchecked.

Use of Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

With a timely investment in ultrasonic leak detectors, it is possible to detect air leaks anywhere on your production floor. The best reason for using this method over any other type of detection system or technique would have to be that these devices can be used during busy working hours and never interrupt productivity with their presence as they explore every inch of equipment without delay 


Air leaks can be a major issue for any business, but they’re especially bad when you consider how much energy and money they waste. Energy firms might think of them as just an extra expense on top of their already high bills; however, there are other important reasons why addressing this problem should remain at the forefront: Wasted air means wasted electricity (and potentially higher levels of carbon emissions). 


It also leads to problems with operating systems – unreliable pressure could cause tools not to work properly- which may lead to someone using dangerous equipment without sufficient safety precautions! 


The sooner these issues are addressed, the better equipped your company will likely feel about its overall performance.


Author: GISuser

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