How to Remove Watermark from Photo Online Full Guide

It is a fact that signatures or the name are always written at the bottom or top of every painting by the painter that simplifies their identification as well as the authentication of the painting. This is because writing a name or signature is the only way of specifying the writer of that specific painting. As a result, we see watermarks or a logo on almost every painting. There are also many product retouching services you can take advantage of. 

If we talk about the watermark, then we will come to know that a logo, text, or pattern on a picture is said to be a watermark that signifies the authorization of content. The main purpose of using a watermark is security as anyone can have possession of the data written by someone else therefore watermark simplifies the authorization of a particular writer.

But in the same world, there are the majority of people who are trying to find out where the body is to remove the watermark from the picture. There may be a lot of reasons behind this act. Watermark is being used by different companies and websites so that they can grab people’s attention toward their content and can have more customers. Let us have a look at simple and easy steps that every person can follow to remove watermark from photo.

The main purpose of removing the watermark:

Before moving to the main topic, a person must know the reason behind the removal of the watermark. Some of the possible reasons are:

  • When a person makes his resume or a CV, then a need comes when he has to use some pictures that contain watermark but he cannot use the pictures with watermark so the way to get rid of them is to remove the watermark from the particular watermark.
  • Nowadays, almost every third person is addicted to social media and tries to upload a picture that grabs other attention towards him and he can get more likes and comments. But a need may appear when he selected a picture to upload on his account but that picture contained a watermark. So he has to remove it to show his possession of that picture. 
  • Moreover, the great demand for the removal of watermarks is from specific personalities and these personalities are students. Students have to do their assignments given by teachers and in this situation, they prefer to add some amazing pictures to make the assignment attractive but those amazing pictures contain a watermark so it becomes important for them to remove the watermark from the picture.


Steps to remove watermark from a photo:

Removing a watermark or video annotation is not a very critical process as people think it impossible to remove a watermark from a photo. The given steps are proof that such people are wrong and it is possible to remove watermarks from a photo. The watermark will not be removed but will be painted and disappear from the screen.

The steps are:


  • First of all, we have to open the internet browser of our desire on our computer or a cell phone. We can use firefox, chrome, opera mini, etc as a browser for searching purposes. We have to tap on the search bar that will appear on the top of the screen and type ‘’. 


  • A new screen will appear on the screen with the result of 8 searched data from here we have to open the imgkits website. The homepage of the website will appear on the screen that will contain all the tools provided by the website to its users. From here, we can inpaint old photos, remove logos and unwanted people and make more changes.


  • We have to search for the option to remove the watermarks from a photo from the list of tools. The option will contain a picture with a contrasting effect before and after using the tool. We have to select that option then a new screen will appear on the screen. 


  • Then, a red color-filled button named ‘Upload image’ will appear just below the option ‘Remove watermark from photos’. Now we have to upload the picture whose watermark we want to remove by clicking on the ‘Upload image’ option that appears below the ‘Remove watermark from photos’ option.


  • The cursor will convert to a brush after uploading a photo and it becomes easy to paint the watermark. We can use the polygon lessor tool or the lesser tool to remove the watermark easily. A lot of options will appear on the left side of the screen. We can select any of them to adjust the brush size and can utilize both lesser tools and polygonal lesser tools. 


  • The complete watermark will immediately be removed from the photo after selecting it. The whole process of removing the watermark will just need a few seconds. Due to this reason, whenever the fastest method for removing the watermark is discussed then this method remains at the top. 


  • When a person uses this tool of Imgkits then he also has the facility to use the restart as well as the undo option that appears on the top of the screen but the only disadvantage is that we don’t have the facility to reverse the photo after restoring it. To save the photo, a download option will appear on the right of the website.




For the promotion of brands, people prefer to use different kinds of watermarks like the watermark of a specific channel is always present on the picture uploaded by that channel. In short, the main purpose of using a watermark is the publicity of a specific channel or brand. To remove the watermarks from a photo is as simple as creating it so any person can remove the watermarks from a photo just by doing two to three steps.


If you want to remove watermarks from a photo then the website is best for you because Imgkits provides the easiest way to remove watermarks from a photo in a very short time. The main advantage of the Imgkits website is its reliable output and fast service. 


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