Features and Capabilities of Video Analytics Systems

Intelligent video analytics is the utilization of Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies that allows you to quickly and efficiently process video data and relieve the operator from the routine work of tracking multiple cameras to detect violations. This software is used in the majority of business sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, retail for tracking anomalies and violations.

Video analytics has two main functions — tracking and identification. Based on the algorithms of video analysis, it uses all the functionality of the system, which is essential to build modern video analytic systems.

Cameras do not replace operators but help them by alerting to possible violations. By setting certain characteristics to cameras, the operator will get the facts about what is going on. But you have to understand that it is impossible to fully automate the process of identifying a violation. There is always the probability factor when the system doesn’t recognize the problem, so it is suggested to use intelligent video analytics software

Functions of video analytics

Video analytics systems include software and hardware parts that perform specific tasks: identify, record the appearance and disappearance of objects, determine the start and end of the movement, recognize faces, license plates. The systems are configured for specific events, work according to predetermined algorithms. Basic functions:

License plate detection. The system analyzes the video signal, finds the license plate, reads it, and sends it to the server along with the related information (time, speed, image, type of violation). 

Face recognition. Artificial intelligence recognizes facial features and checks with the database. The technology helps to ensure the security of industrial buildings, any protected area, and public events. In business with the help of intelligent analysis, they conduct marketing researches, estimate interests, and correlation of visitors of different sex and age. For modern video analytics, face recognition is a universal direction that can be used for solving complicated tasks.

Tracking. The analysis of movements allows working with moving objects. This analytics can control the observance of safety rules, fix violations. Tracking reduces costs for control, highlights facts of violations from records, adjusts for different scenarios and events.

Detectors of line crossing in a given direction. The system works as a counter for visitors, parts, cars, packages or as an object position controller. The technology is suitable for collecting statistics, fixing violations.

Fire detection. Fire detection in the initial stages is one of the additional functions of an intelligent video surveillance network. The equipment signals when fire or smoke is detected. The same module is installed to control smoking in unauthorized places.

Background change detector. Reacts to mechanical manipulation of the camera — it is impossible to cheat such a technique by substitution of the image and violent rotation.

Motion start and stop detectors. It captures the moment, which allows you to accurately determine the time, to find records in the archive by these marks.

Detectors of appearance, disappearance, long stay. The equipment analyzes the movement of objects. Depending on the settings, it gives alerts when an object appears, disappears, or stays in the control zone for a certain time.

Module for estimation of accumulation of people, frequency of movements. The program is used when you need to analyze the number, the algorithm of the movement of people. The technique analyzes the movement, gives the result in the form of clear graphical diagrams.

Intelligent search through video archive. The technology of intellectual analytics allows you to configure any format of requests to the archive and get a sample of the necessary information. Conditional search reduces selections — you can quickly find information and analyze large amounts of data.


Thus, research and real business cases emphasize the growing importance of video analytics in today’s world. The accumulated experience suggests that we should not be afraid of the new, but should use it for the benefit of the company and for the convenience of customers.

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