What Makes Electric Bikes So Expensive?

Electric bikes are growing in popularity. They are more comfortable than traditional bicycles, cheaper and more beneficial for health than cars and motorbikes. You might have thought about getting an electric bike. If this is the case, you know that the very first thing that surprises in an ebike is its price. 

The price of a decent ebike starts from 2,000 USD. This is not even the limit, this is the lower price at which it makes sense to buy ebike.

Why are they so expensive though? Are there any components that cost so high?

The price of an electric bike is made by several main components:

  • The battery

  • The electric motor

  • The control system

Also, an electric bike may be made from different materials, depending on it, the price for an item also varies greatly.

A Battery Is One of the Main Factors Influencing the Price of an Ebike

When you are choosing an electric bike, pay special attention to its battery. This is one of the most important components of the vehicle.

Unlike motorbikes, an electric bicycle cannot be recharged so easily. Even if you find a place where you can charge it, it will take several hours to charge the bike battery to the needed level.

Thus, choose an electric bike with a good battery. For example, the battery used in Delfast bikes allows for 3,000 recharging cycles which is very high compared to a battery of a more budget ebike which is usually around 1,000 recharging cycles.

A good battery is made from top-quality materials. It constitutes the biggest part of the bike price.

The Motor Used for an Electric Bike

An electric bike motor is another expensive component in your ebike. There are different motors. Usually, an electric bike uses a 36 V battery. Thus, normally, the motor of an electric bike also works with 36 V. However, motors that operate on 48, 52, or even 72 V are much more efficient. They also drain the battery slower. But these motors are significantly more expensive, too.

The price of a motor depends not only on its power but also on its type. For example, for mountain ebikes, mid-drive motors are used which consist of more components and are more expensive.

Control System Adds to the E-Bike Costs

The electronic system is also a pricey component. The control system of an electric bicycle includes such elements as wiring, electronic systems, software. It shall control the battery, the motor, and similar.

Additional Details That Add to the Cost

Don`t forget that all the components of an electric bike shall be waterproof. And all the components of an electric bike are made from durable, resistant, and lightweight materials which also cost a lot.

Will the Price of Electric Bikes Be Dropping?

There are reasons to believe that electric bicycles will be dropping in price. First of all, they are still being developed, newer and more budget-friendly solutions are looked for. The mass production of electric bicycles is also growing. All these factors will lead to a price decrease and thus, to a higher demand for electric bicycles.


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