Social Media Helps To Enhance The Learning Experience: True Or False?

Social media is the way of life for today’s generation. It’s the status updates and photo uploads that matters to most of the individuals, mainly the youth. Now that the majority of the world is on these platforms, what if the schools also decided to leverage them? 

All the social media platforms, be it Facebook or LinkedIn, offer easy and free access to users to online communication and content that is offered by the industry experts. 

As advanced technology and social media have become a significant part of our lives, the benefits of leveraging these platforms for enhanced social learning are much more significant. 

Another non-social way of ensuring a remarkable learning experience is by using an LMS. When this tool is chosen with the assistance of LMS consultants, they make sure that the chosen tool works best for the organization. However, if you are leaning towards offering social learning experience, perhaps using social media platforms in conjunction with your own training experience might be an effective approach.

So, how exactly can social media networks be useful in providing a better learning experience? Find that out below! 

  • Improved Skills 

Gone are the days when reading and writing text-based books were the only sources of information. Thanks to technological advancement and the evolution of the world of the Internet and social media, every piece of information is now available just a few taps away. For example, with websites like Studocu, you can download or view quality academic materials that’ll make you grow to become a smarter student. Moreover, when it is on social media, this information is quite often offered in the form of images, podcasts, videos, infographics, animations, and any other forms of content. 

Thanks to the feature of online messages, chats, and comments, individuals also have access to a certain set of answers or questions that they either wanted to know or they didn’t even know they need. In other words, by having their instructors in a common group, your learners can instantly reach out to them through a social media platform and get their queries and confusions taken care of in real time.

The internet and social media have managed to induce reading habits for many that have further helped them put the effort into their writing abilities. It is interesting, interactive, and also keeps the students involved. 

  • Communication and collaboration 

There was a time when staying in different corners of the city, let alone the world was professionally challenging. In fact, physical distance used to affect all sorts of relationships, regardless of whether they are personal or professional. However, today, things are different. Social media networks make communication better, easier, and more convenient. Today, you can connect virtually with anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Apps like Messenger and WhatsApp allows students to clear all the doubts and queries that they might be facing, initiate a video call to understand better with live presentations, exchange questions, indulge in discussions, and a lot more. 

Even while sitting in a different location, they can still connect with their educators and fellow learners. 

You can also use social media to enhance the learning experience by making use of the feature that allows you to easily share Google Docs and more.  Jeff Bullas recommends you buy real Twitter followers for your Twitter profile.

With such features, you can have your learners collaborate on various assignments and projects, even if they are not physically present in a common location.

In fact, looking at how 2020 turned out, cultivating the ability to collaborate on projects virtually is going to be a necessity for survival in the future workplace and business environment.

Social media platforms present the perfect environment and opportunity to help students learn this crucial skill that can potentially make or break entire careers today and in the future.

  • Opportunities for distance learning

There are a plethora of reasons that make it a challenge for a few of the students to attend traditional institutions. This is where social media can be leveraged to grab all the distance learning opportunities that are being thrown at the students. 

Everyone deserves a chance to get the education they deserve and social media just makes that possible for many. Distance learning might not be a traditional classroom, but it surely is similar and most importantly solves the purpose of gaining knowledge for distance learners. 

With the help of several tools and various social media platforms, educators and teachers can attract several thousand distance learning students. The chances of distance learning turning into the primary form of modern education only seem to skyrocket with each passing day. Many are already making use of Skype or other tools to hold classes online for students residing in remote areas. 


Social media is a lot more than just sharing photos and liking other’s photographs. It is about communicating, networking, and also enhancing the learning experience when these platforms are used to their full potential, which many skip.

Author: Editor

Glenn is a geographer and a GIS professional with over 20 years experience in the industry. He's the co-founder of GISuser and several other technology web publications.

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