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tios for writing blogs

Blogging used to be a way of talking to the audience but it has revolutionized completely now. Blogging is not a form of marketing, advertising, connecting and earning. This article introduces the foolproof guide to blogging. 

. A lot of common bloggers practice these practices to make their blog more interesting and appealing to readers and to the search engines. 

Here are some guidelines you can follow to write a blog: 


Choosing a title: 

The first step towards writing a blog is choosing a title for a blog. Your blog is obviously already associated with a niche. It can be tech, health, life or anything else. 

You need to brainstorm the ideas. It sometimes becomes hard to brainstorm the ideas and you need some external help. 

Here are some of the ways through which you can find an enticing blog title:


  • Keyword research: 


A one of the easiest ways to find a title for a blog include keyword research. You can research the keywords by entering the genre of your blogs on different engines. 

They will give you the most related keywords and you can build the title around it then. The title and the whole blog can be easily built around just a few couple of keywords. 

For example, if you are writing on fashion, the most famous keywords in the summer would be related to the weather and in winter, it would shift to cold clothes. 

The keywords are seasonal as well and as the trends keep changing and evolving, people keep using different keywords to refine their searches. 


  • Competitors research: 


While you are running out of ideas, your competitors can always lend you a hand in giving you some new ones. While you and your team are busy brainstorming new ideas, they are doing the same as well. 

You can go through their blogs and try to find out the interesting topics that you think you can write about. 

It is not cheating until you change the topics a little bit. For example, if they have written about 6 top brands for winter shoes, you can shorten that list to 5 or increase the number to 10. 

The little changes in the titles can make your blogs more personal. 

Writing Unique content:

The next step is writing unique content. It is not just important for the audience but for the search engines as well. While the audience would get bored of reading the same content over and over, the search engines will scan the content as well. 

This scanning is called as plagiarism and it is often seen as a crime than just a mistake. If you are aiming on getting better SEO, then you need to avoid it at all costs. 

After you have decided a topic for your blog, research on the topic and start generating some unique content. Write on your own instead of copy pasting the content and type in everything that you want to include. 

You can check the content using an online tool for any plagiarism. There are multiple tools like PREPOSTSEO that can give you the exact percentage of the plagiarism in your content. 

Why am I still getting plagiarism after writing unique content? 

A lot of people have this recurring problem of getting plagiarism in their content even when the content was written by them. 

This happens because the plagiarism checkers scan all the content on the internet and try to match the phrases, words or the paragraphs to see if there is any similarity.

The content can be natural but since there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet now, it is normal to have some matching lines. 

It is also possible that you might have unintentionally copied someone else’s writing style while you were reading some content for inspiration. 

You need to keep checking your content over and over until there is 0% plagiarism in the content so your content can be appealing to the readers and to the search engines. 

Perfect grammar:

Grammar perfection is important for both, search engines and the readers. While bad grammar will bother the readers and will disturb them, the search engines will consider your content low quality because of poor grammar. 

Your grammar needs to be immaculate and the usage of every word should be done properly. You can check the grammar manually by going through the whole content yourself or by searching it online on some tools. 

It is preferred to not upload anything for a day than upload anything which has dozens of grammatical mistakes. 

How can I correct my grammar? 

You can choose to correct it manually or you can use an online text rewriter. An online text rewriter is like a solution to all your problems related to the blogs. 

You just need to search for a blog online and decide what you want to write. You can then put it through an article spinner which will change the article completely. 

A lot of people use an article spinner to get rid of the plagiarism. The tool will change the wording as it is, use synonyms and correct the grammar of the content that you have written. 

You can then insert the keywords in the content later to make it easy to search for the readers and to make it more appealing to the readers. 

Concluding the blog:

Many readers skip the main parts and move to the conclusion. That is, if you are writing a comparison blog or an affiliation blog. 

Adding a conclusion does not have to do anything with the search engines but everything with the readers. Try to input your personal opinion in it along with just some facts that you have already talked about. 

They have already seen the pros and cons and they will need help now deciding the facts in the end. A little help will keep bringing them back to your blog over and over.

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