Different Beverage Emojis To Enjoy With Friends

The recent pandemic that is happening all over the globe this year has forced people to stay indoors 24 hours. Going outside the house is highly discouraged because the virus that is present anywhere is deadly. Staying inside your home is boring and depressing because of the repetitive activities you can do.

In this time of the pandemic, communication with your friends, family, and partner that you haven’t seen for months is vital because it only removes anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Good thing, there are different apps online you can use to communicate with them. Below are some refreshing and cute emojis to use, depending on your mood.

Coffee Emoji

Drinking coffee is one of the finest ways to calm yourself and recharge your soul with positive energy. People drink coffee throughout the day when they feel stressed out or have an anxiety attack. Coffee also helps the brain to run faster and enables you to process everything in a swift way.

The coffee emoji is the one in your device with a white cup and saucer and a little smoke on top of it to show that the beverage is hot. It is usually used when you are trying to express an emotion of “taking a break” or “I need to relax.” This emoji can also be used for the following meanings, hot chocolate, espresso, or tea.

Wine Glass Emoji

Ladies around the age of twenty to fifty years old often use this emoji. Wine is a symbol of feminine and superiority.  This wine emoji serves in a stemmed glass with a red or orangey color that best describes alcohol. Sending this emoji to friends means that you invite them for a few glasses of drinks or some girl thing night out.

Wines also show that you are having steak for dinner, or you want to remove your heartache or depression. This drink is even relaxing in any way, for it keeps your heart healthy and keeps your memory sharp. This is also known as red wine, white wine, or alcohol. 

Beer Mug Emoji

Beer Mug symbolizes men at any age. Its masculine design represents a guys’ night out or celebration among men. Beer is one of men’s favorite drinks for gatherings and deep conversations. This emoji is a frosty mug with a golden-like color with a foamy head spilling over.  Check this site

A Glass of Milk Emoji

A Glass of milk symbolizes calmness,  peace, and a childish person. Milk makes the body healthy by exerting the nutrients needed for your daily activities. This emoji is a tall glass with the white color of liquid inside of it. It is used when sending a friend a glass of milk with a cookie pair, which shows that you are heading for a nap or going to sleep.

 Cup With Straw Emoji

This emoji is a red drinking cup with a straw on top of it. It illustrates a cute disposable or recyclable cup with a bendy or straight straw that easily represents soft drinks usually used in fast-food restaurants. It can also make use as a non-alcoholic beverage, juice, healthy smoothies or milkshake, and others on the go beverages. 

This emoji is often partnered with the fries, burger, hotdog sandwich, or popcorn emoji, commonly used by teenagers showing what they are eating or watching a tv show movie at home. 

Cocktail Glass Emoji

A cocktail glass is a feminine symbol of a sexy lady. It has a picture of a tall glass that is commonly used for a martini, and by having an olive inside the glass, which is traditionally put into the drink, shows that it is a glass of martini, which is one of the most famous cocktail drinks in the world. 

For its meanings and definitions and when to send a friend, a glass of martini means girls’ night out, parties, getting drunk, or just having fun. People use this glass of martini on twitter or Instagram to represent that they are enjoying and having fun.

Tumbler Glass With Whisky Emoji

This emoji has a picture of a flat glass, typically called rock glass, with a light brown drink inside of it, which may show whisky, scotch, or brandy. This is a healthy drink, usually symbolizes superiority, strong, manhood, and prosperous.  People use this emoji to add more life to their conversation.

Whisky is usually translated as a water of life. People typically drink whiskeys at events, parties, gatherings, and weddings. They say when the bride and groom drink together with a glass of whisky, it will mean that their relationship will stand still in any test of time. 


Communication is a very vital tool we humans need to stay connected with everyone we love that helps us beat our anxiety, depression, and loneliness. There are new and old apps online that we can make communication a fun way without getting bored. Emojis is considered being one of the universal languages nowadays. 

It helps you express your emotions in a virtual method that is considered being multilingual. Each emoji has its own meaning and uses that help you communicate with people around the globe, no matter what language they are using. These beverage emojis are one of the best and unique ways of expressing your mood to chat mates or text-mates. We hope our article on different beverage emojis helps you out in making your usual conversations more lily. Try them out now!

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