Top 6 Trends That Will Define Kitchen Design In 2020

Trends That Will Define Kitchen Design

Over the years, kitchen spaces have come a long way. Nowadays, kitchens are considered the central point of any home. They are no more tagged with dirty dishes and cooking stoves. Fast forward to 2020; the kitchens have to offer a lot to homeowners. Kitchens bring family members together for breakfast at the start of the day and for dinner after a long day. Therefore, kitchen remodeling is essential to modify kitchens, change dynamics, and incorporate technological advancements. Kitchen improvements massively contribute to the rise of contemporary kitchen designs.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen into something modern, simple, and clean design, then you have landed here rightly. I have discussed the top six trends that are going to rule kitchen designs in 2020:

#1: Smart Kitchens

As the new decade has started, we are expecting to see a lot of tech in our kitchens. It is not going to enter the kitchen in the profile of fancy appliances, but we are expecting more than that in 2020. Smart kitchen favors the idea of technology-integrated into everything from kitchen appliances to faucets to lightning to the refrigerator. The smart kitchen is going to be an emerging aspect of home remodeling. In modern times, many kitchens are constructed with a built-in tech system. However, for old-fashioned kitchens, tech gadgets, smart sensors, and other tools can be added by homeowners at the time of kitchen remodeling. 

Smart kitchens, like those built by handyman bowie md are predicted to be massive trends for 2020. Many homeowners would aim to remodel their kitchens so they can experience technology integrated and highly-functional kitchens. Easy add-ons are being incorporated into kitchens. They are the motion sense kitchen faucets that detect the presence of your hands underneath. So when you move your hands to turn on the nozzle, the water will automatically come on without any physical effort. Similarly, your refrigerator will alert you if you are running low on groceries. You can also add a monitoring gadget to help you know which eggs in your fridge are going bad. Smart kitchens also cover automatic coffee makers, updated lighting systems, Wi-Fi air fryer, connected kitchen scale, Wi-Fi instant pot, etc.

#2: Three-Tone Kitchens

Over recent years, the two-tone kitchen has been quite a popular choice. Many homeowners incorporated two-tone kitchen cabinets. For instance, one color for the upper cabinets and different colors for lower kitchen cabinets. Or the island is one color, and the perimeter cabinets are totally opposing colors. I would say two-tone kitchens were the dominant trend by the end of the previous decade. 

In 2020, two-tone kitchen design has been transformed into a new three-tone kitchen trend. It means one more color has been introduced for kitchens. You can say one more color or one more material to give an aesthetic look to kitchens. Under three-tone kitchen design, additional color or material is added to establish an unevenness in the palette. It will take effort to define functions or zones in modern kitchens.

If you are looking to remodel your traditional kitchen place into a modern three-tone kitchen, then check on the Los Angeles home remodeling contractor for your renovation/remodeling project. The experts will help you with upgrading or modernizing your kitchen space. You can choose a kitchen design, depending on your preferences and current trends. If you desire to have a three-tone kitchen, you can try a light wood island base, off white perimeter cabinets, and a powder blue hatch. A professional remodeler will help you achieve this kitchen design.

#3: Backsplash Kitchen Slabs 

Slabs in a kitchen never go outdated. That’s why they are still on my list of modern kitchen design. The kitchen slabs are a natural choice for homeowners. They get to experiment with slab pieces to enhance the interior of their kitchens. So if you are looking to remodel your kitchen, then you must think about adding backsplash tile as a countertop material. You probably agree that a slab backsplash is an eye-catching material. It can instantly provide a statement design to your kitchen. Home designers have suggested the combination of gold-vein marble and slab backsplash. There is no need to match the countertop with the backsplash slab. You can ask your designer or kitchen remodeler to provide you with suitable ideas. For instance, you can go for a stunning slab of Italian granite. Typically, it is known as Black Horse which is a massive stunning piece of abstract art.

#4: Quartzite Countertops

I must say that quartzite is still a king. It is an excellent choice for high-end countertops. The material is reliable, extremely hard, convenient to maintain, and is antimicrobial. Its main competitor is granite, which also comes under the umbrella of high-end kitchen designs. I must mention here that granite needs more maintenance as compared to quartzite. That’s why it is considered a popular choice in 2020. 

Initially, when quartz countertops entered into the markets, homeowners were bound to limited finishes and colors. Due to an increased demand of quartzite, many manufacturers are coming up with a wide range of colors, finishes, and realistic stone patterns. Currently, they are offering quartz finishes with significant veining swirls. These exclusive designs are best-suited to imitate natural stone and other materials. 

However, in 2020, a notable trend for more neutral and softer colors has been observed. At present, homeowners prefer colors, such as creamy, grey, taupe, and white finishes for their kitchen remodeling. The pattern preferences have also emerged. You can expect particulates over the veining. This means more cleaner styles are being incorporated into home spaces.  

Since I’m on the topic of countertops, I would also like to highlight the rising trend of composite sinks. These sinks are finished with the same countertop material. This way, it is feasible to accomplish a cleaner and uniform look for the kitchen. It also makes maintenance and cleaning very easy for the homeowners. I must say these sinks are going to give a tough competition to the farmhouse and popular stainless steel sinks.

#5: Mix & Match Metals

Home remodelers and designers get this question a lot from householders: is it passable to mix & match different metals in the kitchen? Well, the answer is “yes.” If it is done suitably, it can be a great deal for your kitchen. Mixing metals enhances space character. In 2020, a lot of new eclectic styles are predicted to be in the game for kitchen designs. But, all matchy-matchy stuff is not a trend anymore. For example, it is the wrong choice if you go for the all-gold kitchen. You probably don’t want everything to look the same. However, it would be sensible on your end to go with a little gold if you love gold fixtures. You can buy a soft gold faucet for your kitchen that comes with nickel or black hardware. This way, you can get control over extra gold. Light fixtures are the best-suited metal. You can use slight hints of the same metal all over the kitchen space. They are perfect for standing out and add a finishing touch.

If you are looking for more trendy mix & match metal ideas, then you can play with your furniture selections for kitchen stools, islands, tables, or chairs. You get to interchange them according to the latest styles. You can invest in textured metals to add a different element while staying away from irrational combinations. It is recommended to gain help from kitchen remodelers and plumbers about suitable options for mixed metals faucets. For instance, matte black faucets with soft chrome or brass handles are quite trendy this year.

#6: Effective Storage Cabinetry

Who doesn’t like the idea of practical storage solution cabinetry?  I mean, every homeowner desires to avoid unnecessary waste of kitchen space. They are looking for viable kitchen cabinetry solutions to maximize their space. Over the last few years, necessary kitchen drawers and shelves have been structured in a manner to waste a lot of space. Homeowners with already small kitchen spaces cannot afford this kind of waste. They aim for effective and efficient styles to make the most use out of available space. 

In 2020, this problem is going to be resolved with the help of effective kitchen storage, which is the foundation for the functional kitchen. You probably agree that if the kitchen storage is ineffective or insufficient, you get to face challenges and endless storage blockings. In order to counter this kitchen problem, homeowners are switching to practical storage solutions inside the cabinetry. The solutions include drawer dividers for utensils & cutlery, deep drawers, tray dividers, and roll-out trays. You can go for appliance garages, pull-outs for spices, and caddies for pans & pots. You can also incorporate wastebasket cabins for recyclables and trash. 

2020 has to offer you a wide range of storage ideas for effective and effortless management of your kitchen. These ideas will help you store drinks, foods, and small kitchen appliances. 

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