MapKing announced partnership with Tencent in Live Traffic Message Services in Hong Kong and Macau Region

MapKing﹝MapKing International Limited,﹞announced partnership with the Live Traffic Services Division of Tencent ﹝Tencent Inc. (0700.HK)﹞in live traffic information services in Hong Kong and Macau Region. The contract was signed by subsidiaries腾讯大地通途(北京)科技有限公司 and MapAsia Business Intelligence Limited, Hong Kong.

Tencent, the giant internet company, grows with momentum and their integrated connected car services cover leading live traffic information service that provide navigation guidance to drivers in major regions in China.

MapKing, an Asian leading smart city services provider headquartered in Hong Kong, serve taxis, logistics, public transit services in Hong Kong, Macau and South East Asia region with advanced connected vehicles services, fleet management and live traffic information services.

Stanley NG, CEO of MapKing, said, “MapKing will gradually provide live traffic information services to Tencent for Hong Kong and Macau starting from 2020. Based on the partnership between Tencent and MapKing, it will be integrated with Tencent’s Connected Car Services which is built on advanced technology. At completion, the system will be leading in technology in Asia Pacific that provides real time traffic information services to drivers in the region. It is a great honor for MapKing to participate in Tencent’s leading services in the region.

Author: GISuser

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