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August 1, 2019 Featured Webinar

We know how much work you have to do in order to plan, produce, and launch your webinar. All that great content comes from you and that’s exactly where you excel… BUT, how are you going to get qualified industry professionals to sit in on your webinar?

GISuser webinar promotion

That’s where we shine! 

Over the years we’ve assisted a number of leading names in the GIS, surveying, mapping, and location technology industries with their webinars. As a result, we’ve created a blueprint to help market your webinar/live events. We know the GIS / Geotech industry and we know how to put your message in front of the right people to get attendees to your event!

Hopefully, you’ll consider contacting us to help with your next webinar or technology event (hackathon, meetup, user conference, or other live events).

Some of the promotional benefits of using GISuser for your webinar promotion:

 – listing on the front page “FEATURED EVENT SPOT + thumbnail logo/image
– several scheduled tweets via @GISuser (over 32,000 followers) & mention(s) by the editor’s account @gletham (8,000+)
– prominent event post + image on the GISuser facebook page (7,000+ followers)
Recommended Linkedin article/event post on the GISuser group (53,000+ followers)
– trackable urls in order to provide summary analytics
– Excellent SEO building & Google news crawl that you can’t buy!
– email broadcast of your message to our clean/scrubbed list of 10,000+ opt-in Geo industry professionals.
– optional promotion to the readers/audience of LiDAR Magazine or The American Surveyor Magazine

Interested in learning more?

Contact Glenn (@gletham) , GISuser founder/Managing Editor to book your webinar / event promotion.
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