Top 8 Myths about SAP, ERP, and the Cloud

These days, the cloud has become one of the most sought-after software deployment models across the globe. However, it doesn’t mean SAP, ERP and Cloud are free from myths. In fact, it seems that the more popular a model, the higher the number of myths surrounding it. Here are some top myths surrounding SAP, ERP, and Cloud.

Myth #1: SAP is suited only for best practices; it can’t handle complex business processes

Fact: This is an absolute myth because SAP comprises best practices collected from customer experience and is vastly configurable. In a broader sense, no ERP solutions are unique as most underlying HR processes are similar in all.

Myth #2: HCM Cloud solutions cannot replace the customization of the current ERP system

Fact: Those who don’t understand the real value of cloud propagate this myth. Cloud cannot be equated to the on-premise software. Human capital management (HCM) cloud extends the exclusive, closed environment of human resources into the entire fabric of an organization. While you undertake sap integration, you wouldn’t want the conversation to revolve around replicating the legacy systems using cloud software. Instead, you’d want to concentrate on moving into next-gen solutions.

Myth #3: Cloud HCM solutions can’t be easily integrated with other applications

Fact: This myth is nothing but the reflection of the fear of IT and inexperienced HR department. Just because a company is adopting cloud as a part of workforce management software for the first time, it doesn’t mean it can’t be integrated with other applications. Several companies have successfully ensured enterprise mobility through Cloud solutions.

Myth #4: The cloud is suited only for small and mid-sized businesses

Fact: Cloud is well suited for your company, irrespective of its size. This myth of its suitability to SMEs only comes from the on-premise vendors afraid of losing their customer base. However, if you look around, you’ll see that cloud is where the entire market is shifting these days, if they haven’t already done so.

Myth #5: Cloud solutions are less secure than on-premise solutions

Fact: Of course, no solutions are foolproof. In case of Cloud ERP solutions too, you need to exercise due diligence and care. A large number of companies are ensuring enterprise mobility by moving their business solutions to the cloud. The cloud vendors, on their part, make sure the solutions are reliable and secure because any breach of security could spell doom to their business. They invest a considerable amount of money to provide various levels of security to ensure data protection. Most companies resort to self-hacking and other such means to find the loopholes and fix them.


Myth #6: There’s no reason to move to the cloud

Fact: While the availability of cloud is a huge advantage, it is not a reason enough to move your workforce management software to the cloud. However, understanding your pain points and the ways to mitigate them could help you make the necessary changes. Cloud could be the best choice for you. Regardless of the solution, you have to make sure you get the right value from any plan you choose for migration from on-premise to cloud.

Myth #7: Moving to cloud means losing control over data

Fact: This, again, is a misperception entertained by the on-premise vendor instigating fear among the customers. Even if you move ERP to Cloud, you’ll always own your data. It will always be available to you, irrespective of the vendor you use.

Myth #8: A Cloud-based ERP solution is a thing of future, so you don’t need to prepare for it now

Fact: Cloud-based applications are popular even today, even though many companies prefer on-premises solution as of now. However, the transition from on-premises to the cloud will happen sooner than later. When that happens, you’ll have a hybrid world wherein the current on-premise solutions would co-exist with cloud applications for several years to come. If you take proactive steps now, you can ensure successful sap integration, wherein both the cloud and on-premise components work well together.

Thus, you can see that most of these myths are just that – Myths. Now that you have clearly understood what cloud, SAP and ERP can and cannot do for your business, it is time for you to make an informed decision on enterprise mobility and SAP integration.

Author: GISuser

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