Hardware Spotlight – HP Z240 SFF Turbo Workstation

HP Z240 workstation

A quick look at this powerful workstation from HP… The HP Z240 entry level workstation (think small business, contractor, home business etc…) small in size and price, BIG on performance and functionality!

Building on the popular “Z” lineup of desktop workstations, HP has an ideal entry point for those who simply don’t have the budget, or need, for high-end, super computers that offer functionality that go way beyond what most really require while still powerful enough to easily run ArcGIS, Autodesk, and other powerful enterprise mapping solutions. The new, Z240 has been ranked the World’s #1 entry level workstation and comes optionally as a tower, or smaller desktop configuration and is available with windows 10 (pro) or Linux flavors – both pack a lot of punch!  Oh, and best of all, these workhorses have an entry point price of under $1,000.

We’ve got a desktop (mini) in house here courtesy of HP, although the small size and quiet performance really makes us almost forget that the machine is here! Like all recent HP workstations (desktop and all-in-one), the Z240 has a sturdy build, simple access to get inside, and all components that are “safe” for us to remove and swap out are labelled with a friendly green tab – green = go ahead and pull it out!

For yours truly, the HOT features of the Z240 are the compact, portable size, quiet and clean operating environment, simple access inside, and the speed. Oh, and the relatively small price tag is a huge bonus (@gletham)

Some of the stand out functionality you’ll find in the HP Z240 include:

  • Powerful processors, graphics, memory, and two optional ultra-fast HP Z Turbo drives
  • 57 percent smaller than the tower
  • choice of next generation Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® Core™ processors, or Intel® Pentium™ processors
  • up to 64 GB DDR4 ECC memory
  • optional HP Z Turbo Drive G2 – ideal for working with huge files!
  • USB front fast charging port to charge your device while your HP Z240 Workstation is plugged i
  • eight more USB 3.0 and three DisplayPort connections
  • HP Performance Advisor6 that configures your system with updated settings and drivers to help maximize performance
  • optional, removable, and cleanable dust filter
  • choice of AMD and NVIDIA professional graphics cards
HP Z240 Quick video

Take an interactive tour of the HP Z240 SFF (small form factor) workstation

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