FireWhat? Mobile GIS Lab, Emergency Incident Mapping and HP Mobile Workstations

FireWhat? Mobile GIS Lab, Emergency Incident Mapping and HP Mobile Workstations

FireWhat, Inc. is a Geographic Information Systems and Technology Company, who maps emergency incidents and creates technologies, to track responders and assets in and out of the field. FireWhat?  has implemented a system that is designed to bring situational awareness to the first responders and address the need for current in formation.

In the video below Sam Lanier, CEO of FireWhat was at the HP mobile workstation launch event in New York explaining the importance of cutting edge hardware in delivering solutions to the front lines. FireWhat? is using technology to redefine how information is received and shared by first responders on the front lines of wildfires.

Lanier explained how his company has a reinvented GIS mobile lab, equipped with the latest cutting-edge GIS software, mobile technology, and hardware provided by the likes of HP. FireWhat? aims to support firefighters and enable them to have access to current information, this via the use of UAV and mobile technologies. Reliable hardware provided by HP mobile workstations enable the team to process, analyze, and deliver information (up to 100 GB of incident data) in a timely manner while working in harsh environmental conditions. Map and dataset products are updated twice a day, data integrity and redundancy is a must. The command center can be completely offline and disconnected,celery thing is hosted inside the trailer. Lanier comments that ”
Technology is no longer the issue… We all have tablets, smartphones, etc… adoption, education, and understanding are the main blockers.”

FireWhat? has several GIS mobile mapping labs to support their clients. These GIS Mobile Labs were designed to introduce the “Next Generation of Emergency Incident Mapping”, through the integration of traditional paper-based mapping and ArcGIS Online (WebGIS).

FireWhat Type I GIS Mobile Labs include:
  • Up to 11 Fully Networked Dual Monitor Workstations
  • Satellite Internet Capacity
  • Satellite Phone Capacity
  • Fax-over IP Capacity
  • (2) 42” High Speed Color Plotter
  • (2) 11”x 17” InkJet Printer
  • Diesel Power Generation
  • Wireless LAN Broadcast Ability
  • 25 Tablets for Mobile Mapping and Live Map Viewing

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Recall it was Oct, 2014 when FireWhat, Inc. released the next generation of mobile fire mapping technology . the solution enables users to access real-time fire maps and fire incident information, such as a fire’s size, location and spread path, current weather and more using’s new iOS app “Wildland Fire Map”.

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