GeoExpress 9.5 Now Supports Native Compression of LiDAR
UC Notes – GeoExpress 9.5 Now Supports Native Compression of LiDAR
August 11, 2015 2015 ESRIUC
Lizardtech has continued with their tradition of annual software releases with the announced release of GeoExpress 9.5. The product was announced at esriuc and justifiably so, particularly given the attention that has been paid to LiDAR and the use of imagery at this year’s UC.

GeoExpress 9.5 Now Supports Native Compression of LiDAR

At release 9.5 LiDAR compress is now built into MrSID, and this comes at no extra cost to the user. LiDAR is supported by the MrSID MG4 data format and support is also provided for LAS and txt and output to LAS is also provided. GeoExpress enables the user to to compress raster imagery to the much compressed MrSID and JPEG 2000 data formats, additionally, LiDAR data conversion to MrSID and LAZ formats is now provided.

Other notable benefits of using GeoExpress 9.5 include:

  • Reduction in storage costs provided by crunching data to less than 5% or original size
  • More visually appealing data
  • Compression I of LiDAR point clouds
  • Creation of seamless mosaics
  • Imagery color balancing
  • Cropping and export
  • Imagery re projection
  • Flexible licensing that supports sharing of tools throughout your organization
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See also Download GeoViewer 9 today.
Note, LizardTech will be hosting a live webinar on August 13 – The webinar will be hosted by LizardTech expert and sales engineer Robert Parker who will highlight the new benefits of GeoExpress® 9.5.  To register for the webinar see  HERE.
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