Exelis to highlight technology at SOFIC 2015 for evolving Special Forces missions

CLIFTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 14, 2015 Exelis (NYSE: XLS) will showcase a range of electronic warfare (EW), intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and analytics (ISR&A) and communications technologies at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), booth 1425, May 1921 inTampa, Florida.

With deep expertise in the fields of EW, ISR&A and critical networks, Exelis technologies support the capabilities special operators need to accomplish their missions across all domains of the current and future battlespace.

“Exelis has decades of experience developing technologies that help dominate the electromagnetic spectrum, enable advanced real-time situational awareness and keep special operators ahead of emerging threats,” said Bob Edmonds, Exelis vice president, business development and Air Force programs. “Special Operations Forces are among the first to confront the shifting nature of military engagements, and Exelis is committed to helping them succeed in their evolving missions.”

Among its many solutions, Exelis will highlight the following technologies at SOFIC:

Electronic Warfare

  • Disruptor SRx – The newly debuted adaptive, multifunctional EW capability with industry leading size, weight and power characteristics for mission success in a constantly changing electronic environment.
  • ALQ-211 – The ALQ-211 family of electronic self-protection systems, including the suite of integrated radio frequency countermeasures, which protects Army Special Forces rotorcraft from sophisticated radio frequency (RF) threats.
  • ALQ-172 – An integrated RF self-protection system, which shields U.S. Air Force B-52s and Special Operations C-130s. The combat-proven system can simultaneously counter multiple pulse, continuous wave, pulse Doppler and monopulse threats. Exelis is the leading provider of electronic self-protection for large aircraft, with leading expertise in threat identification, technique generation and powerful electronic countermeasures to keep aviators safe in the most challenging operating environments.
  • EGON Active/Reactive Counter-IED System – A counter-improvised explosive device system that can be tailored to individual mission requirements in 15 minutes. EGON has significantly enhanced size, weight and power characteristics compared with ground EW systems.
  • Military antenna solutions – Exelis designs, builds and develops custom and multifunction communications, navigation, data link, electronic support measures and EW antennas that give the warfighter an advantage on land, at sea, in the air, or in space.

Intelligence, Surveillance Reconnaissance & Analytics

  • CorvusEyeTM 1500 – A wide-area airborne surveillance system that complements traditional video surveillance by providing high-resolution, visible color and infrared motion imagery over a city-sized area, as well as real-time processing to track potentially hazardous or illicit activity. CorvusEye can simultaneously generate up to 10 high-resolution views of different areas of interest.
  • JagwireTM – A Web-based solution that provides on-demand access to critical geospatial intelligence data from a variety of sources. Combined with ENVI® analytics, Jagwire is an end-to-end Web-based solution to rapidly discover, visualize, analyze, and disseminate Multi-INT, multimodal data including FMV (full motion video), WAMI (wide-area motion imagery), LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and imagery.
  • ENVI® Image Analysis Software – ENVI allows users to quickly extract critical information from geospatial imagery, LiDAR, and SAR (synthetic aperture radar) data. ENVI is scientifically proven and works both on the desktop and in the cloud to help users prepare for a variety of topographies and identify potential threats.

Communications & Situational Awareness

  • RO® tactical radio – A rugged, handheld tactical radio that provides on-the-move, over-the-horizon secure voice and data communications as well as location services in bandwidth-austere environments.
  • Individual Soldier System – A night vision and communications solution that integrates voice, video and data into tactical networks allowing commanders to view what soldiers are seeing, send instructions like texts, alerts or images directly to the goggle’s display.
  • White Phosphor capability – Provides night vision users with a black and white image instead of the traditional green image that has become the signature view through most Generation 3 (Gen-3) night vision technology.
  • The newly upgraded SpearNet-EVO – A 21st century communications system bringing voice, situational awareness and inter-networking access capabilities that surpass traditional point-to-point communication system limitations on both range and data rate.
  • Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggle (TMNVG) – A Gen-3 lightweight F6044 series night vision goggle offering integrated color display import and camera capture export capabilities. TMNVG delivers optimal resolution, high gain and photo response to near-infrared light with variable gain control for enhanced performance in changing light conditions.
  • SwitchplusIP® interoperable communication technologies  Exelis technologies protect the warfighter and support mission success by enabling secure inter-service communications across the seas or the skies. Exelis SwitchplusIP solutions streamline standard operating procedures, offer compatibility with legacy technologies and automate alarm monitoring and crisis response.
  • Cross Domain Solutions – Exelis cross-domain solutions enable the secure transfer of information between different domains, including U.S. government agencies, coalition partners and commonwealth partners, the U.S. armed services, U.S. combatant commands, and military sites around the world. Exelisdelivers proven security mechanisms that automatically protect against unauthorized domain access and malicious attacks.
  • PuriFile – The Exelis PuriFile data loss prevention suite of software tools performs the deep file inspection necessary to find and remove hidden information in Microsoft® Office and PDF files that cannot be revealed any other way. The Exelis PuriFile Inspector tool helps stop sensitive information from leaving approved networks by alerting users and administrators to more than 150 different hidden content issues that threaten information and operational security.

Carriage & Release Systems

  • BRU-71/A – A powerful, lightweight pneumatic carriage and release system currently supporting the MQ-9 Reaper. By employing the power of compressed air rather than pyrotechnic cartridges, the BRU-71/A operates more cleanly and efficiently than cartridge-actuated racks.
  • Lightweight Twin Store Carrier (LTSC) – LTSC employs clean, lightweight pneumatic power to help unmanned aircraft safely carry and release their mission payloads. The LTSC combines two Exelis BRU-71/A racks into one unit, effectively doubling the carriage capacity of unmanned systems.

Visit booth 1425 to learn more about how these technologies make Exelis a full-spectrum partner for full-spectrum dominance and awareness.

About Exelis

Exelis is a diversified, top-tier global aerospace, defense, information and services company that leverages a greater than 50-year legacy of deep customer knowledge and technical expertise to deliver affordable, mission-critical solutions for global customers. Exelis is a leader in positioning and navigation, sensors, air traffic management solutions, image processing and distribution, communications and information systems; and focused on strategic growth in the areas of critical networks, ISR and analytics, electronic warfare and composite aerostructures. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Exelis employs approximately 10,000 people and generated 2014 sales of approximately $3.3 billion. For more information, visit our website at www.exelisinc.com or connect with us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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