Mapping the 50 State Favorite foods – Top State Dishes from the Cooking Channel

map of State foods

A pretty fun data visualization courtesy of the Cooking Channel and Mentalfloss. We know that in Alaska they love salmon and in New England there’s nothing like chowder! Now you can visualize the favorite food from all 50 States on this handy map

Map of State Foods – Credit:

From the Cooking Channel… A year of Olympic Games and the presidential election got us thinking about Americana. Each of our 50 states has its own food scene and quirky cuisine. So we asked you, our fans, which dish best represents your state. The result? Fifty tasty state recipes and a culinary roadmap of the USA. Taking these data alittle further, MentalFloss has provided a pretty awesome map of the results.. great stuff!

See Cooking Channel: Favorite State Foods

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