2014 San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Bars and Restaurant Map – Just in time for #ESRIUC

As we do every year for ESRIUC, we’re glad to once again share with you this very handy San Diego Gaslamp Bar and Restaurant map from our friends at GaslampMap.com – this year we have a printed map {PDF} and a webmap to share.

From the developers…

FINALLY!!  Time for the 2014 San Diego Gaslamp Quarter map!  In case you need help finding your way around the Gaslamp Quarter during the conference next week, (or you just want to know what’s changed from last year), we’ve put together an updated reference map for your enjoyment! (Go to www.gaslampmap.com to download the map OR you can access the Gaslamp Map via an ArcGIS Online web application!  http://bit.ly/W4FroM)

There are about *25* NEW and/or remodeled places this year!!

This year the highlights are Fogo de Chao on G St and 6th Ave.  It is an “all you can eat” Brazilian meat place…so don’t go there if you’re a vegetarian!  It has a great atmosphere and a great bar as well. Another place we know will be crowded and well liked is the new Union Kitchen & Tap on 5th just past K St.  They have tons of local craft brews and great food, plus it’s large enough for a crowd and has outdoor seating for great people watching.

Also you can’t miss The Stone Brewery Tap room, at J St between 7th and 8th Ave.  They have awesome craft beer and some food as well, like flat bread pizza’s!  There are a few other breweries that have popped up in downtown as well, check this website out for more information.  >>>  www.SanDiegobrewerymap.com

San Diego gaslamp map

San Diego gaslamp map


See http://www.gaslampmap.com/


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