Seventh Annual Mobile Excellence Awards Now Accepting Submissions!

Honoring the best in mobile lifestyle, entertainment and technology, the Mobile Excellence Awards recognizes and honors the companies and individuals that have raised the the bar of excellence, paved new footprints and brought new innovations to the forefront  of the industry.      


Submissions for the Mobile Excellence Awards are now open and actively being accepted online at about/submit/



Mobile Excellence Awards categories:


Premier Awards:

Humanitarian Award – is a special honor presented to the company that gave back to the industry or community through a charitable, or selfless act, hard work and effort to better a cause, company, charity or country on a global basis.


Industry Star – is a legacy award created from the inception of the MEAs and one of the highest honors given to a company who has defined groundbreaking and innovative technologies that has changed the future of mobile, or has broken industry records (i.e, highest number of views, downloads, etc.)


Best Mobile Innovator- Honors a company, which has proved to be the most progressive or launched the most groundbreaking product/service/model.



Mobile Business:

Best Mobile Payment – Honors the company that has developed a mobile payment solution to include, billing, gateway, or electronic wallet that allows consumers or retailers to make transactions and pay for purchases by activating a mobile payment application from their Smartphone.


Best International – Honors foreign-based and/or global mobile companies whose products or services have proved to be the most progressive and has launched the most groundbreaking product or service outside of the United States.


Best Retail/Commerce Solution for Mobile – Honors the company that has developed a mobile retail solution that allows consumers to make transactions and/or pay for purchases by activating a mobile application from their Smartphone or tablet.


Best Mobile Product – Honors the best consumer mobile product or accessory that enhances or eases the ability to entertain, communicate or interact with any mobile devices or tablets. This category is specific for continuing or launching an innovative product or products that delivers or uses technology as its core purpose. (Product must be submitted to qualify)


Lifestyle Apps:

Best Mobile Auto App/Service  – Honors the best mobile application built to deliver, entertains and/or impacts how consumers utilize their devices to engage and interact directly with their automobiles. Apps can be used for mileage, entertainment counsels, service, transportation, maintenance, search, discovery, etc.


Best Mobile App for Home – Honors the best mobile application built to deliver, entertain or impacts how someone interacts and manages their home from security, monitoring, checking on appliances, home automation, etc..


Best Mobile App for Fashion – Honors the best mobile application built for consumers to monitor, watch, shop or share their favorite fashions, clothes, retail brands, etc..  Can also include wearable mobile technology or device as part of clothing.


Best Mobile App for Health/Fitness – Honors the best app in Health & Fitness that  revolutionalizes  the health & fitness industry by  providing integrated  or downloadable technology with a comprehensive health and fitness  program integrated  into the app.  Can include, but not limited to monitoring and storing fitness statistics such as steps taken, calories burned, and miles walked, health monitoring, etc..


Best Music App for LIVE Experience – Honors   the best music app that engages the consumers with a live music event, festival, concert etc which includes mobile initiatives such as live events, artist interaction, music content, ticket purchasing, viewing, search, etc..


Best Mobile App for Reading/Literature – Honors the best company or app that enables consumers to read, shop, search, purchase and share content on any mobile device via books or magazines that enhances the users experience.


Best Mobile Utility Application for on a Smartphone or Tablet – Honors the best mobile application built to deliver content, news or other medium used as a utility on Smartphone’s and tablets that impact how consumers interact with their devices to drive better efficiencies in technology, marketing or entertainment


Best Mobile App for Dating– Honors the best mobile social app for dating, meeting others and connecting with friends


Best Over-all Mobile App – honors any app that enhances a users ability to purchase/pay, share, entertain, fix, send, connect, whether content or creative driven


Mobile Entertainment:

Best Mobile Games – Honors the best out of all game content categories combined, including casual, multiplayer or original.


Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign – Honors the mobile marketing campaign that was either created for a brand or on behalf of an entertainment property, which makes the best use of viral marketing to enhance a brand’s consumer awareness through mobile engagement.


Best Original Content for Mobile – Honors the company that has developed the most innovative user-generated or professionally produced entertainment content that engages the mobile user and enhances the mobile content experience.


Best Content Extension Made for Mobile – Honors the best entertainment content developed for mobile as an extension or companion program/activity to a traditional TV show or series, fiction or non-fiction, or film, fiction or non-fiction.


Best Mobile Sports  – Honors the best sports content or sports oriented engagement developed for mobile. May include Fan interaction, live sporting events, extension or companion program, creation of new or unique content or application etc.


Mobile Technology:

Best User Experience for Mobile – Honors the company that developed the best intuitive UI (user Interface) for consumer entertainment experience to surf, search, discover and engage with the app.


Best Delivery Platform for Mobile  Honors companies that have developed or contributed to a mobile service, application or technology platform, which specifically delivers mobile content and services that enhances the consumer experience across multiple screens.


Best Technology Breakthrough – Honors a contribution that mobile operators, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers make to increase mobile usage, ARPU, expand the user experience, and help expand business opportunities in general.


Best 2nd Screen Experience for TV on Mobile or Tablet – Honors the best second screen entertainment product that enables a tablet or smartphone to work in conjunction with the TV viewing experience to enhance the overall content experience.


Best Mobile Video – Honors the company whose, platform, service, function or content package offers the consumer the best video experience on any mobile screen.


About Mobile Excellence Awards

The Mobile Excellence Award organization is one of the most coveted and prestigious events in the mobile industry.  Known as as the  “Oscars” of Mobile, the MEA organization recognizes and honors leaders in mobile entertainment, lifestyle  and technology across the globe.  The MEAs produce various high level and high profile events for visionaries and leaders by offering knowledge exchange, peer networking, market intelligence and recognition through various programs throughout the year.  In addition, MEAs’ holds the most prestigious annual awards event in the industry, honoring excellence in all segments of the mobile ecosystem, including: start-ups, studios, content providers, entertainment, entities, technology sports, apps and handsets, brands and more.  For more information, please visit


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