Localized Social Media Listening Can Happen with EchoSec

Echosec, the social media map search service developed by Victoria BC-based Echosec Systems, has been featured by the popular Social Media and Tech Truth publication, SteamFeed. The article examines the possibilities enabled via the open search tool

Mar. 12, 2014VICTORIA, Canada(BY SEAN SMITH @SeanSmithCR) — In all the time I have been in the online world, I have never come across an application that had my mind explode with its potential while scaring the living H-E-Double Hockey Sticks out of me. As I watched the demo of EchoSec over my GoToMeeting connection with CEO Karl Swannie, all I could think was; this one is going to turn info sourcing on its ear.

It’s Not Spying

Some people who have seen this application in action will say “this is like the NSA! It’s Spying!!” OK, well if looking at you standing on the pitchers mound, at Fenway Park, from the nose bleed seats, on a clear and sunny day, is “spying” then, yes, EchoSec is guilty.

A spin off of GIS mapping software developers CloverPoint, EchoSec has managed to merry global mapping with Social Media feeds, to deliver location based posts and conversations from a variety of platforms. Simply put, you select an area on the map and EchoSec populates the map with all the Social Media posts that have happened, or are happening. As I watched EchoSec‘s CEO select an area of a large Canadian city, icons for Twitter, then Instagram, then FourSquare, then Flickr, all started to populate the selected area. Below the map were the posts themselves, ranging from the mundane to the shocking. No amount of surfing Social Media would ever get me the same number of feed views that I saw with simply a click and drag of the mouse.

"Traditional news media, alone, will need to take heed, because the news of what is happening in the world won’t be coming from them. It will be coming from the feeds on the EchoSec map."

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About Echosec

EchoSec is the next generation of the Search that connects you with trillions of pictures and posts made by billions of people, which never normally make it to common search engines. EchoSec is the first Search Engine of its kind to realize that ‘where’ matters as much as ‘what’, and brings it all together to clearly show the insufficiencies of current data monitoring techniques to control ‘secret’ and ‘classified’ information. http://www.echosec.net


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