Silence Means Security – New security tool shows data leaks

The meaning of Security in the age of Social Media, Web 3.0 and dynamic data

Dec. 5, 2013SEATTLE, WAEchoSec has just made publicly available its presentation illustrating the power of Hyper-Local search and the disruptive effect this will have on areas where non-sanctioned disclosure is critical. The information that is displayed is compiled from publicly available sources like Twitter. EchoSec is the first Search Engine of its kind to realize that ‘where’ matters as much as ‘what’, and brings it all together to clearly show the insufficiencies of current data monitoring techniques to control ‘secret’ and ‘classified’


“We currently only have 6 out of a potential 480 data sources available on our beta site, and have already been surprised by the results” states Karl Swannie, CEO of EchoSec. EchoSec is currently working with organizations to minimize these breeches in their space, while more deeply exploring the opportunities presented by this new technology.

EchoSec’s goal with this presentation is to draw attention to the power of Hyper-Local search and to help mitigate the unintended consequences:

• Security

• Safety

• and Reputation

See the full presentation titled "Silence Means Security :: OPSEC INFOSEC OSINT in the age of Social Media, Web 3.0 and dynamic data." on Slideshare

For more information on EchoSec, please visit

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