17 Year Old Pays $10 To Attend Big Brand Mobile Developer Hackathon, Wins, Gets Offer from facebook
June 19, 2012 developer

I’ve always been a big fan of hackathons, un-events and other cool networking events… in these tough and competitive economic times the opportunities such events can provide you with can be priceless! Case in point, at the recently held Social – Loco event in San Fran a week-end hakathon was held prior to the event. Get this though, a 17 yr high school student won the hack (along with a sweet prize of $10K) and then on top of that she was apparently given an internship with Facebook via a backstage visit at Social-Loco by one of the guest keynote speakers!

the Big Brand hakathon was sponsored by Home Depot and Kraft and developers had to pay a mere $10 to take part in the competition! Awesome stuff!  See more about the hakathon HERE and check out the Social – Loco EventBrite website for details about the event or see

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