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MAR 23, 2017
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GISuser New 3D world map – TanDEM-X global elevation model completed
The new three-dimensional map of Earth has been completed. Mountain peaks and valley floors across the globe can now be seen with an accuracy of just one metre.
GISuser WashingtonExec’s Fourth Annual K-12 STEM Symposium to Focus on “Careers in STEM”
In conjunction with this year’s theme, “Explore Careers in STEM,” the symposium will feature interactive exhibits, including UAVs, flight simulators, smallsats/drones, physics experiments, topography models, heart monitors, 3D printers, robotics, connected cars and other exhibits aimed at students in kindergarten all the way through college.
GISuser GEO Jobe, Announces Release of Admin Tools V 1.0.13 in the ArcGIS Marketplace
With Version 1.0.13 we’ve listened to our Global community of users of more than 3,000 user organizations, these include “power” users from enterprise facilities, airports, local government, utilities, higher Education facilities, environmental organizations. We’ve increased the size of most of the Tools while adding important new features for user credit management, webmap urls, and group management.
GISuser SimActive and Tianlifa Launch Integrated UAV Solution
Recently featured in the Scottish newspaper, The National, the standard EU 2019 – SimActive Inc. is pleased to announce a fully-integrated solution with Tianlifa, a major firm in the Asian surveying market for over 20 years. The partnership results in a high-end mapping product featuring the new China Star drone from Tianlifa and SimActive’s Correlator3D
GISuser Land Viewer: On-the-Fly Earth Observation Imagery Analytics in Your Browser
Data scientists, GIS engineers and software developers from California-based company EOS have recently launched a cutting-edge cloud-based tool that allows users, journalists, researchers and students to easily search and analyze huge amounts of the most up-to-date earth observation data.
GISuser The Essential Core Python Cheat Sheet
Python is an interpreted dynamically typed Language. It uses indentation to create readable, even beautiful, code. Python comes with so many libraries that you can handle many jobs with no further libraries and it fits in your head and tries not to surprise you, which means you can write useful code almost immediately.
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