SIGMA3 Puts a Focus on Engineering in Newly Expanded Englewood, CO Facility

HOUSTON, TX–(February 21, 2013) – SIGMA3 Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Inc. has brought together its Colorado-based engineering disciplines to streamline collaboration, foster integration and provide enhanced real-time services to clients. The Petroleum Engineering and Microseismic & Borehole Imaging teams from APEX, A SIGMA3 Company, and the SIGMA3 Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFMT) Geomodeling group, formerly in Greenwood, CO, are located in the newly expanded Englewood office.

"The merging of the Colorado offices provides an important base from which we will better able to serve the needs of global clients looking for inter-disciplinary solutions to help them make the best decisions about where to drill, where to frac and how to frac," said Jorge Machnizh, CEO of SIGMA3. "Our services and software solutions include reservoir characterization, predictive modeling of natural fractures, completion and hydraulic fracture engineering and design, and real-time microseismic imaging. Subsurface Geo-Engineering teams, as well as our own in-house geoscience and engineering experts, will leverage this Real-Time Decision Center environment to optimize their exploration, drilling and production efforts."

SIGMA3 offices are located in Houston, TX, The Woodlands, TX, Calgary, AB, Brazil, Belarus and Algeria, with regional representatives located in China and Saudi Arabia.

SIGMA3 Englewood Offices
2 Inverness Dr. East
Englewood, CO 80112 USA

About SIGMA 3 Integrated Reservoir Solutions
SIGMA3 Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Inc., is a leading technology provider for the oil and gas industry that advises oil and gas companies where and how to drill the most prolific wells, while maximizing their production. Through a truly integrated, reservoir-centric portfolio of technology, expertise and services, SIGMA3 delivers an unprecedented level of integration that spans reservoir understanding to production optimization. For more information visit


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