GISuser Today Newsletter, Feb 19, 2013 – Geosage, OpenGov, SOTMUS, Trimble making news

Welcome again to another Geo / Location Tech news roundup. Prepare to hear lots about OpenGov, OpenData and the likes this week as there’s a ton of activity in that space this month. Just today details of the Knight Foundation news challenge has been trending on Twitter – this is a cool effort to help improve the way citizens and government interact (See more). I know that locally here in B.C. the Province and stakeholders are hosting an event today billed as the OpenData Summit – a gathering of Government, orgs, and stakeholders – heck, we even have an official Ministry of Open Government here! Coinciding with the event, DataBC (@Data_BC), the official resource for public access to OpenData and much more, has rolled out a new look and some new functionality – see this fine example Here (I wonder if perhaps it’s been modelled after the Whitehouse OpenGov initiative?) – There’s definitely loads going on around here, and likely in your area as well I suspect! Moving forward, there’s a TON of news and interesting tidbits to be found on GISuser and the AnyGeo blog, hopefully you’ve taken some time to look around. We’ve got details of a new 30M Global Satellite Imagery Mosaic; an Engery Mapping product; an update on the RIEGL LIDAR 2013 event; some ILMF take aways; details of StateoftheMap USA event; and even some handy tips on developing a budget for 2013 – be sure to have a look around for these gems! Have a great day everyone and you Colorado geeks, consider registering for the fun, DevMeetUP CO event taking place March 6 in the Fort – I’ll see you there and if you can’t make it be sure to look for a DevMeetup taking place in your area.  

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LiDAR News – ILMF 2013 Takeaways – As is generally the case at these events I needed that magic cloning software, or maybe like multiple return LiDAR point data I could have multiple Z’s for a single X,Y, or something like that. In any case here are a few thoughts on key takeaways from ILMF 2013

5 Things on Friday #7 – Another 5 Things on Friday and 5 more tips for you… this week a look at a nifty device from Nokia, a fun map of the USA, a geeky event in D.C, a mobile taxi app and smartphones running Ubuntu

Tip – The Essentials of the Cloud – The Essentials of the Cloud, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Cloud related decisions.

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