HydroView Now: The world’s ocean on demand

SeaZone Solutions launches ‘HydroView Now’ a free to use ocean basemap delivered via a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

Oxfordshire, UK,  7 November 2012   –  Comprised of key bathymetry feature types from charts supplied by official International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) chart producers and a global digital terrain model (DTM) forming a single mosaicked rendition of world-wide coverage, HydroView Now is specifically designed to be visualised alongside land-focussed mapping such as OpenStreetMap.

Delivered through an authenticated tile cache web service, organisations can utilise the service via an application programming interface (API) and portray HydroView Now within their company’s internally facing intranet, desk top mapping software or externally facing website. In partnership with HR Wallingford, SeaZone is able to deliver the service free of charge to many of its customers.

Ideal for use as a contextual mapping backdrop supporting regional marine spatial planning objectives or situational awareness, HydroView Now allows developers to embed this basemap and any number of additional transparent overlays to suit the need of the business.

Andrew Iwanoczko, Business Manager from SeaZone Solutions states, “For too long organisations with marine applications relied solely on web services with terrestrial applications in mind. SeaZone Solutions has integrated marine information from a number of disparate sources to provide a worldwide and cost-effective basemap as a tile cache service.”

Keiran Millard, Group Manager from SeaZone Solutions discusses the broader data management perspective, “SeaZone’s customers have highlighted the desire to free up their internal resource presently dedicated to managing their external data holding. HydroView Now underpins this hands-off data management, allowing these organisations to concentrate their efforts in managing and portraying their own mapping datasets.”

Keiran Millard continues “The move to deliver HydroView Now primarily as a free service is something I’m proud that SeaZone is doing, as it will raise the visibility of the marine environment in the arena of mass-market mapping services such as Google Maps and Bing Maps.”

Andrew Iwanoczko further states, “In addition to working with organisations that have direct website use requirements, SeaZone Solutions would like to partner with GI Software vendors to deliver HydroView Now and future web services directly into their GI Software Applications.”

HydroView Now appeals to organisations with varying coastal, marine and maritime mapping requirements including: oil, gas and renewable energy asset management, environmental monitoring applications; maritime route planning; situational awareness and defence; and vessel tracking for anti-piracy and logistical planning.

For further information please visit the SeaZone website at http://www.seazone.com/hydroviewnow.php

Or our demonstration of HydroView Now at , http://www.SeaZoneNow.com

Zack Abraham, Senior Sales Consultant, SeaZone Solutions. Tel: +44 (0)1491 822 850. Email: Zack.Abraham@SeaZone.com

Andrew Iwanoczko, Business Manager, SeaZone Solutions. Tel: +44 (0)1491 822 860. Email: Andrew.Iwanoczko@SeaZone.com

About SeaZone: www.SeaZone.com

SeaZone Solutions is a world-leader in marine geospatial data and information. SeaZone produces a range of innovative data products which include SeaZone HydroSpatial, the first ‘off the shelf’ authoritative digital marine map, and SeaZone TruDepth Grids, providing one seamless layer of best available UK bathymetry.

Over 1000 organisations across the oil and gas, renewable energy, conservation and public sectors use SeaZone data, software and services to help support decision making in the marine environment and coastal zone.

SeaZone Solutions is a division of HR Wallingford Ltd.

About HR Wallingford: www.hrwallingford.com

HR Wallingford is an independent engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation. We deliver practical solutions to complex water-related challenges faced by our international clients. A dynamic research programme underpins all that we do and keeps us at the leading edge. Our unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities includes state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of numerical modelling tools and, above all, enthusiastic people with world-renowned skills and expertise.

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