10 Awesome Technology Career Opportunities for GeoGeeks, Geo developers and Geo Pros

@glethamI love sharing and I really dig helping people. So, for some Friday fun I’ve elected top spend 20 minutes of my time putting together an awesome list of HOT Career opportunities for Geo/Tech professionals. Hopefully I can help bring together an employer and some talent – good luck!

A number of companies are hiring  Geo and location Technology professionals, particularly professionals with programmer / developer skills. Here’s a short list of 10+ opportunities to consider…

  1. Telvent – According to twitter activity, I’ve noticed that Telvent has a TON of opportunities that have been tough to fill, in particular, they have a number of positions available in the Geo hotbed of Norther Colorado (Fort Collins).  Honestly, I haven’t really seen many of their positions posted on some of the common Geo boards so perhaps that’s where their HR folks are coming up short! Rather than spending all their efforts on Monster and/or Dice.com perhaps they should look at some of the niche boards! See their job board HERE

  2. Ubisense – Here’s an opportunity you may not have heard of unless you happen to follow Peter Batty @pmbatty and his blog. Peter’s company, Ubisense, is searching for a developer for a Ubisense World project. Knowing Peter only you Geo Rock stars need apply! Check out Peter’s Geothought blog for details
  3. Esri – It kind of goes without saying but Esri is on the hunt for talent, loads of it! The Redlands team is always on the hunt, however, recently the demand for staff seems to have really ramped up. I’m glad to note that Esri does post a large number of their positions in our Career Center, however, you should make a point of browsing the Esri HR website for a complete list and keep checking back as positions are constantly added. Those of you set on working North of the 49th, Esri Canada is also hiring – see the esrica web resource here for plenty of opportunities.
  4. ERDAS / Intergraph – The company has a number of opportunities, particularly for professionals interested in working and living in the Huntstville,. Alabama area of the South. The company has a pretty heavy need for Engineering professionals so be sure to check out their Career page for the latest opportunities.
  5. Latitude Geographics – Latitude, the developers of Geocortex are an Esri Platinum business partner and have seen some pretty steady growth  recently. the team is located in the heart of downtown Victoria, B.C, Canada in one of the nicest office spaces you’ll find in the city! Latitude has a huge need for developers and tech savvy Geo gurus and programmers. If the West coast of Canada is for you then check out their Career Page for opportunities.
  6. OpenGeo is the geospatial division of the non-profit OpenPlans based in New York. The team seems to be rockin it lately and has been expanding pretty rapidly. the Victoria BC crew has recent;y opened a new office and added several members. Tech savvy GeoGeeks that are HUGE into open source seem to be the one’s that these guys are seeking. Check out their career page HERE

  7. New Century Software – If you know me then you know that I love the Colorado Front Range. IF you like the area also then you should check out the opportunities with New Century Software. The crew has a number of openings for Geo professionals in the Fort Collins Office – perfect for those with experience in the oil and gas industry. See their career page HERE

  8. Safe Software – There’s opportunities to work with a Global leader in the industry with Safe Software in beautiful Vancouver. BC, Canada. If working with cutting edge technology is your thing and you aren’t afraid to be challenged then I’m sure that a position with Don, Dale and team would be awesome! Safe is currently hot on the hunt for a software developer and a communications specialist – see the Safe Career site for details.
  9. Pacific Power, Portland OR –  PDX has become somewhat of a little hotbed of activity in the Geo space and here’s an opportunity for a management role with a large utility company. A contact of yours truly who recently held this position attests that PP is a great org to work for and the position could be an idea role for the right person. Check it out in our own career center HERE
  10. Spatial Networks – @spatialnetworks out of Cleawater, Florida  has shared details with yours truly via Twitter that they are hiring. The team, headed up by Anthony Quartararo is expanding rapidly and seems to be slammed with contract work that builds on their mobile solution offerings etc… Check out their website for company information and don’t be afraid to hit up Tony on Tiwtter @spatialnetworks or @tonyquartararo
  11. A bonus position! This last minute job opp came to me via Will Mitchell (@wsmitchell) about an opportunity with @NBTsolutions for a web application developer, ideally out of their Williamsburg, VA office location. See details HERE

Good luck to employers and potential employees! If you found this article to be valuable, please do me a favor and share it or give it a Re-Tweet! If you want more stuff like this feel free to email me glenn at gisuser.com or send me a tweet @gletham. If you have a job opportunity, please consider supporting our efforts by posting it in our Career board. Job posting is "peanuts" at just $29 but if that’s a stretch, no worries, post it, ignore the payment page and send me an email, I’ll gladly provide you with a free posting any time! Finally, consider also using our awesome LinkedIn group for exposure where you can potentially reach more than 18,000+ registered professionals.. wow! 

Late Additions (after publication we’ve heard from a few folks)

I hear that Dave Bouwman and crew from Fort Collins are always on the hunt for rock star developers! Ping Dave on Twitter  @dbouwman

Geofields, via Terry Allen I hear that Geofields is seeking a few good bodies in their Atlanta and Houston offices – See http://www.geofields.com/company/careers/


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