The GISuser Top 10 Geo Social Media and Social Location Articles From 2011

There’s no question that Social Media  and the use of social media in business was a HUGE topic in 2011. During the year I authored a number of articles on the topic and they were very well received. The following are the top articles according to our stats and make for some fine bookmarks for your social media reading… enjoy!

Own Your Listing! Local Search and Social Location Map Resources To List your Business  

You have a new business… perhaps a bar, a coffee shop, or maybe a GIS consulting firm! Regardless of the business type, if you have a brick and mortar presence then you need to get your business listed.

10 Useful Twitter Tools and Third Party Add-ons for the Business User  

Twitter is both fun and useful, although users can be much more productive by taking advantage of some of the fine third party apps built on the Twitter API. Here’s 10 add-ons that any business user might want to consider using to be more productive.

Foursquare Hosts Developers at Hackathon – Devs Create 39 New Apps  

Recently, in an effort to bolster the developer community and kick start more foursquare-based apps, the company hosted their first Hack Day event in New York.

Mash Up Your Social Media Location data from foursquare, Brightkite, and Flickr with GeoCommons  

GeoCommons not only provides users with the platform to easily create and share custom maps, but you can also complement your data with a variety of basemap data (think OSM, Bing, Esri etc…) and mashup your data with other user contributed data layers containing a wealth of socio, economic, and physical data and attributes.

Why You Should Attend Your Next Local Social Meet Up, GeekUp, or Geo Geek Event  

You never know who you’ll meet at such events, you’ll meet and mingle other local innovators, you’ll hear about technologies and ideas that perhaps you can incorporate into your business processes, you’ll interact with your local community.

social media around the World 

10 Things That You Should Be Including In Your Press Release  

For many companies, the PR and marketing department may be a PR machine, constantly creating and distributing interesting news and press to share with the World.


How To Get More Checkin Rewards and Foursquare Deals On your Business Trip or Vacation  

With half a million businesses on foursquare now there’s plenty of deals to be had simply by checking in! Many businesses have ditched the mayor special (which I find to be boring anyway) and rather, they offer deals for anyone who checks in. It’s now common to get an immediate 10% – 25% off deal from checkin, or perhaps a free drink, heck, some hotels even offer a late checkout simply by checking in on foursquare!

Social Media Tip – Create A Custom, Daily or Weekly to Enhance Your Social Presence  

Here’s a short tutorial and description of the way cool service, a useful social media add-on that creates a custom paper/newsletter from your Twitter account and can also harvest data from RSS feeds and facebook.

The State of Foursquare – A Look at Social Checkins from 2010 and Understanding the User

Foursquare recently released a fun yet very interesting info graphic that described the state of the foursquare-sphere for 2010. The graphic reveals the who what where when why and how of foursquare and tallies up the numbers from 2010

Glenn’s Social Media and Geo Social 101 – 2 Dozen of My Favorite Geo Social Articles and How To’s  

The following is a list of some of my favorite, and most useful, social media articles and tricks that I’ve hand-picked and shared in this convenient Social Media 101 archive for your enjoyment… I hope you find something useful!

GlennTip from the author… Make sure you use a Twitter client that informs you when people @mention you or DM (direct contact) you.  Consider also using Twitter Search ( to search for your name, your company, and your brand. Again, your ideal Twitter client should support the creation of columns that deliver search results for specified terms – I use Tweetdeck Mobile on iPhone to create columns for specific keyword searches, this is particularly useful during events…

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