Some Favorite Mobile, Social Location Articles from 2011

Over the past year we’ve authored and published more than 100 feature articles on Social location, mobile app development, and location services. the following are some of my favorites that I’d like to share with you.


Most of our articles only hang out on the front page for several days and then slowly start working back into the archives.  These resources should provide to be useful and of interest to anyone into mobile app development and interested in mobile social location.  

The State of Foursquare – A Look at Social Checkins from 2010 and Understanding the User – Foursquare recently released a fun yet very interesting infographic that described the state of the foursquare-sphere for 2010. the graphic reveals the who what where when why and how of foursquare and tallies up the numbers from 2010

Geo Tech Apps for the iPhone and iOS User – The iPhone and iOS development environment has come on strong indeed, however, it’s not only about Angry Birds, Social media clients, and mobile flatulants! There’s a number of powerful, enterprise-scale apps available as well as many apps that are developed specifically for the enterprise user and GIS/mapping professional.

More Than Social Check-in – 5 Location Aware Social Mobile Apps – Location technology… it’s all over the place and so are the apps. Indeed GoWalla, foursquare, and facebook are making strides but are they going mainstream? Here’s a few more apps that have leveraged location for success. 

Checkin out the Checkin-in apps – What "check-in" app do you use? Or, I should rephrase that… Do you use a location based "check-in" app? I am sure you have heard of the check-in apps, but for those that have not yet discovered them, let me explain what they are. Read on for more from Greg Rose. 

When Will Public Transit Provide Users With Mobile Apps? – Oh man, when will they get it? That’s what I find I’m asking myself once again. Here in the Pacific North West we’ve been hit with another snow storm. In a brilliant move, the local transit agency has turned to Twitter to "solve" their problems. All fine, however, I’m left asking myself, how about a mobile app?? 

Another cool Hackathon spurrs innovation – Recently, in an effort to bolster the developer community and kick start more foursquare-based apps, the company hosted their first Hack Day event in New York. According to the foursquare dev blog, some 150 developers showed up at the event including geeks from around the States and even a few from Canada

Thoughts and Expert Feedback on Government Use of the iPad – A pilot project in B.C Canada puts the iPad in the hands of 30 high-level Government officials. Will they save money? Will they be more productive? Will this result in expanded use of mobile technology?

Open Data Hackathon Hopes to Inspire and Engage Local Computer Programmers – These events focus on building cool applications, enhancing the relationship between government and the developer community, and determining priorities for future open data publishing

Why You Should Attend Your Next Local Social Meet Up, or GeekUp – There’s a number of intangible benefits for taking in such events, however, for the business owner, technology innovator, or contractor you’ll extend your local reach, exercise your mind, and most important help you to Co-operate locally and compete Globally 

Get Your GeoGeek On – 10 Geo, Mobile, Techie Developer events of interest – Spring is here and that means events, lots of them! the following are 10 very cool, geeky, and heavy, Geo Developer events of interest. Save the date if you really want to get your hands dirty with some code…  

Developing Location Based Services (LBS) Mobile Applications – So maybe you have a new fabulous idea for a Location Based Services (LBS) mobile application. Or, you are looking to migrate or extend your non-mobile Web presence to mobile. First ask, Where do you begin and what questions should you ask? 

Tools to Help GeoTagging Your Digital Photos and Videos – There’s no question that sharing media is on the minds of many.. indeed you could almost say that sharing your digital media (photos and videos) is a requirement of any business trying to tell their story. Billions of photos are circulating, however, many still without any relevant and useful geolocation information associated.  

See More Geotagging Tools here

PacWest Event of Interest – Mobile Hackathon, Seattle – Here’s details of an interesting event for developers and hackers working on mobile apps – or thinking about it! Mobile App Hackathon (@mobilehackathon) is a hacker event for new and experienced developers working on mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Made Easy – Must Have Developer Resources, App Market Tools and Dev Programs – The following are some useful Dev resources for those thinking of creating mobile apps for a variety of devices and platforms 

Geolocation & Location Based Services – Opportunity Knocks Part 1 – This is part one of a two part series on location services. In these articles, we will consider both consumer focused location based services (LBS) and enterprise geolocation services

Location Based Mobile Apps Helping You Save At The Gas Pump – With fuel nearing $5 a gallon and well over $1.25 a litre in Canada every little bit can help. Here’s a look at 10 mobile apps that can help save on your fuel costs. 

More Than A Check In (Part 1) – Geopollster, Cast Your Vote When you Check in via foursquare – GeoPollster, the Canadian election game is a clever service built on foursquare, enabling Canadian users to link their foursquare account to their political affiliation

Apple iPhone is NOT storing your accurate location, and NOT storing history – Indeed a little unsettling, however, before users get unraveled and concerned that Big Brother is watching their every move the real story should be understood. Peter Batty has an interesting take and some valuable information on this topic. 

Capture and Share 3D Panoramas With Microsoft Photosynth – Early in April, 2011 Microsoft made available the new, Photosynth, interactive panorama photo capture and sharing tool. A detailed look at capturing and sharing 3D panoramas with Bing maps via the new mobile app for iOS 

A first Look Video – The Next Microsoft Windows Phone – Mango – A first look at the next generation of the Windows Mobile smartphone. check out the speed test where they face off Win Mobile vs Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

Avenza Systems PDF Maps on iPad2 – This year at esriuc, I met up with Ted Florence, President of Avenza Systems and Ted walks us through the latest offerings from the team’s solution that enables anyone who creates GeoPDF or intelligent PDF maps to view, author, distribute, and even sell their maps to anyone using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. 

Flickr GPS Photo Tag Tip – Here’s a tip for Flickr users who want to share their GPS information with their photos. note, in order to do this you’ll need to be capturing photos using a GPS-enabled or GPS-aware camera (see you’re smartphone hardware settings to ensure that GPS or location sharing is turned "ON)".

7 Must Consider Free iPhone Apps – From my iPhone, 7 hand-picked must consider apps. With hundreds of thousands of applications available from the iTunes store and many new ones added daily, it really is tough to keep tabs on what’s out there. Here’s 7 apps to consider, best of all, these are all Free apps!  

Slideshare Presentation – Social Media in Local Government and GIS – A Presentation at MISA BC, Sidney BC discussing the use of social media by official local government agencies, with emphasis on the GIS department and Geo user. A look at social media policies, tools, uses, and the impact of social media on mobile technology, opengov, local government, and citizen engagement

Mapquest mqVibe First Look – MapQuest Maps Neighborhoods Provides a Social Sharing Experience With mqVibe… AOL mapquest has rolled out their much anticipated social network mqvibe. Much different than what I was expecting (I was thinking of another facebook or twitter-like experience – that based on all the speculation on the web) and I have to say so far I’m very impressed!  

Esri ArcGIS Mobile for Android Hits Android Market – Good news for android fanatics… Functioning just like you see on iOS, the app enables users to easily connect their ArcGIS Online account via Android mobile device and continue with the experience. Users can easily view WMS services from ArcGIS online.

Why You Should Love html5 – A fun and interesting video captured recently at the Esri sponsored DevMeetUp Colorado event (Nov 3, 2001 in Fort Collins CO). From Bryan Noyle, DTS Agile, a cool and geeky discussion for geogeeks on why you should love html5. Bryan looks at the case for web services – Enjoy! 

Looking for news and tips about mobile application development, dev tools, dev programs and the like? Be sure to consult this awesome news archive with a TON of information


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