Avineon and FSU Announce Process Center of Excellence for Emergency Preparedness,Disaster Management

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 27, 2011 — In recognition of FEMA’s National Preparedness Month in September, Avineon, Inc. and Florida State University (FSU) announce the establishment of a center of excellence to promote process reliance in the emergency and disaster management profession for public and private enterprises.

The process center of excellence (PCOE) mission is to research, develop, and promote the utilization of metrics and business processes in the emergency and disaster management profession. The initial focus is on defining pragmatic and reusable models for measuring emergency preparedness. Future efforts will center around development of macro and micro process templates covering pre-event, mid-event, and post-event activities. The models and templates will be tailored and ready for use by federal or state government agencies, local governments, hospitals, universities, and international agencies.

Avineon is a successful provider of information technology, geospatial, engineering support, and program management services. Avineon applied its expertise in these fields to develop Avineonics®, a state of the art information system that delivers enterprise resilience through the application of using business process management technology to emergency preparedness and disaster management. Avineonics also includes benchmarking functionality to support ROI analysis and prioritization of investments, exercise functionality to support training and testing, and real-time incident management tools that support FEMA’s Incident Command System (ICS) guidelines.

FSU’s Center for Disaster Risk Policy (CDRP) provides technical assistance and emergency management related program and information system development to government organizations. CDRP’s continuing mission is to identify, develop, and promote best practices in emergency and public management.

"We are very excited by the opportunity to work with FSU," stated Gary Wilkison, Avineon’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Systems. "The CDRP faculty offers unparalleled subject matter expertise in emergency preparedness and disaster management. We also hope our collaboration with FSU’s student body will produce innovative solutions."

"CDRP looks forward to developing new disaster management models using the unique Avineon process design suite," said David Merrick, the Center for Disaster Risk Policy Deputy Director. "We feel these processes will provide excellent research opportunities for our faculty, staff and students. By focusing on how and why work is accomplished in an emergency operations center, we can help disaster managers be more efficient and responsive."

About Avineon

Avineon, Inc. was founded to help you Visualize IT and See IT Through. Since 1992, our customers have relied on us to deliver technically sound information technology, geospatial, and engineering support solutions. More recently, we have leveraged our experience to develop Avineonics®, a state of the art emergency management process suite. With headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia and offices in Florida, Canada, Europe, and India, we stand ready to apply our CMMI Maturity Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 compliant processes for the benefit of your organization. For more information, please visit www.avineon.com .

About The Center for Disaster Risk Policy

The Center for Disaster Risk Policy (CDRP) provides technical assistance and emergency management related program and information system development to public and private organizations. CDRP is a public service organization within the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University. CDRP staff includes career emergency managers, information technology experts, instructional designers, and planners with strong backgrounds in advanced data and organizational analysis, process mapping and re-engineering, workflow analysis, systems dynamics modeling and information systems planning, budgeting, organizational development, and strategic management.


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