Public Availability of SimpleGeo Storage – spatial database in the cloud

Some news from SimpleGeo as the company announces that on Tuesday March 29 the anticipated public launch of SimpleGeo Storage will finally roll out. 


Some details… recall, SimpleGeo Storage is a geographically aware spatial database in the cloud –  a general purpose spatial database that is suitable for a large (and growing) number of applications being created by developers.

In response to the huge demand (in particular from gaming)  from developers for real-time location-aware data the company has been developing this solution for the past 8 months – their  own distributed spatial database technology based on the latest research in multidimensional data structures and distributed database theory. This from Joe Stump, SimpleGeo CTO and Co-Founder,  "Unlike other spatial databases, you don’t have to be a GIS expert to use SimpleGeo Storage. You can quickly, securely, and easily access SimpleGeo Storage from a very simple HTTP API from any mobile device, server, or website in your stack."

So, what makes SimpleGeo Storage awesome? Stump shares the following:

  • It’s extremely fast. During our private beta testing, 99% of spatial queries are processed in less than 100ms.
  • It’s extremely easy to get up and going. Build your applications faster than you can turn on an Amazon RDS instance. Within minutes you can be adding location features to your iOS, Android, Python, Java, or HTML applications using our SDKs.
  • It’s scalable and reliable. We’ve carefully crafted our entire stack to grow with you; whether you’re doing 10 requests a month or 1,000 requests a second. SimpleGeo Storage keeps your data safe and secure in triplicate across multiple data centers and dozens of servers. Additionally, we’ve automated elasticity into SimpleGeo Storage so that we can quickly and easily scale capacity on-demand.
  • It’s simple, flexible, and constantly improving. It supports nearest neighbor, bounding box, and you can facet radial queries by time, tag, or property. And, as with the rest of our API, we allow you to query using latitude/longitude, an IP address, or a physical street address (US-only).


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