Top 12 Must-Have, Free Apps Mobile for That New iPhone

Getting a new mobile and plan on doing lots of sharing in the New Year? The following are 12 of my favorite mobile enabled apps/services that I would suggest any iPhone user rush out and grab – note, many of these apps also support Android, BB, and other mobile platforms.

If I had to start loading my iPhone from scratch today these would be some of the first apps that I would load. Enjoy! 

  1. Echofon – a fabulous, free Twitter client.. basic yet powerful – Echofon also has a facebook client as well to stay connected with your facebook account anytime any place. For those needing a little more functionality with mobile Twitter I suggest Seesmic and Hootsuite mobile –

  2. CitySourced – I’m a huge fan of crowd-sourcing so this app is a huge hit. CitySourced enables the user to grab information and share a report with their local government agency. Snap a photo, geolocate it, add a description (like a pothole needing repair) and submit!

  3. Waze – if you don’t want to get lost while on the road then Waze is for you. This free mobile navigation app not only gets you there but you’ll be crowd-sourcing data and connecting to your social media as well.
  4. ArcGIS mobile from Esri – A truly enterprise scale mobile client, this free app gives you access to data served up from Esri publishers, local government and others and gives you access to ArcGIS Online arcgis/ios/index.html
  5. TextNow – ever traveled Internationally and worried about the cost of texting? TextNow gives you a a local number and forwards to your mobile via WiFi. Now you can text back and forth for free on both ends anytime and any place.
  6. Junaio – Want to blow your friends away some some very cool technology? The junaio Augmented Reality client is truly amazing. Go downtown, activate the AR lense through your camera and view layers of data around you
  7. Google Voice – finally a mobile client for Google Voice. Control how your calls are answered, forward your calls or simply record all your calls via voice and text then review your messages any time any place.
  8. FlightAware – stay informed about flight status of any airline. Super handy if you plan on traveling or if you need to pick up a friend at the airport. Receive alerts via message or simply track via mobile or web client.
  9. LinkedIn Mobile – Access all your LinkedIn contacts any time, update your status, send someone your resume, search and invite connections and much more. you can even download and sync all your LinkedIn contacts to your iPhone contact list.
  10. Instagram – a basic yet powerful camera enhancement app for your mobile, Instagram enables users to easily grab a photo, apply a cool effect (like 1970’s look), geo tag it, and share via a number of social networks (Twitter, FB, foursquare)
  11. PegShot – I love sharing and I love mobile photos and videos so combining the 2 is a natural. Pegshot provides the service to quickly crunch data and share my media via social media outlets. I can snap a video and immediately Tweet it, share to FB and flickr… awesome!
  12. Foursquare & GoWalla – this one is a tie… location gaming is huge and both of these apps will enable you to check-in from your favorite places and connect to Twitter… one or both are a must-have! Now that foursquare supports photos its gonna be way useful – /

Special Recognition… A few, noteworthy Bonus selections that the GeoGeek should also download:

Avenza PDF Maps App for Apple iOS –  PDF Maps from Avenza Systems is the first application of its kind designed specifically for using geographically-aware PDF files on portable devices and opens the door to allowing any map to be GPS-aware. It will give users the power to interact with georeferenced PDF maps and images directly from their iOS device with viewing performance levels well above other mobile PDF viewing applications. See More

ForeverMap 2.0 from Skobbler –  ForeverMap 2.0. includes: offline search; location finder; route calculation; and information on places of interest, providing users with a fully interactive, offline map solution that can be used anywhere, anytime and without limitations. ForeverMap 2.0. also includes extensive Wikipedia references such as history and information about landmarks, significant buildings and much more, converting the app into an intuitive electronic tour guide. See more

AutoCAD WS - Think AutoCAD mobile… Now AutoCAD WS works even when you are not connected to the internet. With the new Sync option, you can save your drawings locally to your iPhone or iPad from your AutoCAD WS online account. See More

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